Papers by S. C. Zhang

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141 -0.17 1 2016/04/07 Edge-state-induced Andreev oscillation in quantum anomalous Hall insulator-superconductor junctions B. Lian, J. Wang, S. C. Zhang
142 -0.19 16 1993/09/27 Vortex-antivortex lattice in superfluid films S. C. Zhang
143 -0.19 6 2011/05/17 Generalized quantization condition for topological insulators Y. Lan, S. Wan, S. C. Zhang
144 -0.21 9 2005/01/04 Holonomic quantum computing based on the Stark effect B. A. Bernevig, S. C. Zhang
145 -0.23 15 2004/12/21 Current carrying ground state in a bilayer model of strongly correlated systems S. Capponi, C. Wu, S. C. Zhang
146 -0.23 2 1988/12/12 Schrieffer, Wen, and Zhang Reply J. R. Schrieffer, X. G. Wen, S. C. Zhang
147 -0.24 15 1999/01/01 Dynamics of an SO(5)-symmetric ladder model R. Eder, A. Dorneich, M. G. Zacher, W. Hanke, S. C. Zhang
148 -0.24 2 1989/07/15 Madey-theorem derivation for the gyrotron, the cyclotron autoresonance maser, and the nonwiggler free-electron laser S. C. Zhang
149 -0.25 6 1997/12/15 Comment on ``Is the π Particle Responsible for the 41 meV Peak in YBa2Cu3O7?'' E. Demler, S. C. Zhang, S. Meixner, W. Hanke
150 -0.26 10 1996/08/15 Duality and universality for the Chern-Simons bosons L. P. Pryadko, S. C. Zhang
151 -0.27 2 1986/01/15 Progress towards the supersymmetrization of Chern-Simons terms in five-dimensional simple supergravity M. Roek, P. Van Nieuwenhuizen, S. C. Zhang
152 -0.29 1 1989/10/01 Influences of the initial parameters on efficiency in a large-orbit nonwiggler free-electron laser S. C. Zhang
153 -0.29 10 2000/07/24 Interrelation of Superconducting and Antiferromagnetic Gaps in High- Tc Compounds: A Test Case for the SO(5) Theory M. G. Zacher, W. Hanke, E. Arrigoni, S. C. Zhang
154 -0.29 5 1987/05/18 Charge versus Fermion Fractionalization in the Quarter-Filled Hubbard-Peierls Model S. C. Zhang, S. Kivelson, A. S. Goldhaber
155 -0.30 5 2005/12/08 Spin-Orbit Coupling-Induced Magnetic Phase in the d-Density-Wave Phase of La2-xBaxCuO4 Superconductors C. Wu, J. Zaanen, S. C. Zhang
156 -0.31 1 1990/03/01 Linear dispersion and nonlinear growth of collective free-electron lasers with an electromagnetic-wave wiggler and axial guide field S. C. Zhang
157 -0.33 9 1991/12/02 Theory of the quantum-Hall liquid to insulator transition D. H. Lee, S. Kivelson, S. C. Zhang
158 -0.34 1 2016/01/13 Dynamical axion field in a magnetic topological insulator superlattice J. Wang, B. Lian, S. C. Zhang
159 -0.34 4 2002/09/03 Collective excitations at the boundary of a four-dimensional quantum Hall droplet J. Hu, S. C. Zhang
160 -0.34 5 2009/06/30 Field-induced gap and quantized charge pumping in a nanoscale helical wire X. L. Qi, S. C. Zhang