Papers by M. J. Ford

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 0.58 39 1992/10/01 Charge transfer of N4+ with atomic hydrogen B. Zygelman, D. L. Cooper, M. J. Ford, A. Dalgarno, J. Gerratt, M. Raimondi
2 -0.10 4 1995/01/01 (e,3e) observation of the angular correlation between ejected and Auger electrons in the double ionization of magnesium M. J. Ford, J. P. Doering, M. A. Coplan, J. W. Cooper, J. H. Moore
3 -0.28 2 1998/01/01 Electron-impact double ionization of magnesium M. J. Ford, B. El-Marji, J. P. Doering, J. H. Moore, M. A. Coplan, J. W. Cooper
4 -0.30 2 1996/09/23 Partitioning of Momentum in Electron-Impact Double Ionization of Magnesium M. J. Ford, J. H. Moore, M. A. Coplan, J. W. Cooper, J. P. Doering
5 -0.33 2 1986/09/01 Calculation of potential energy curves for the process C3+(2l)+H(1s) →C2+(nlnl;1L)+H+ using spin-coupled valence-bond theory theory D. L. Cooper, M. J. Ford, J. Gerratt, M. Raimondi
6 -0.40 2 1998/02/15 Valence-band energy-momentum densities of amorphous SiO2 by (e,2e) spectroscopy Z. Fang, X. Guo, S. A. Canney, S. Utteridge, M. J. Ford, I. E. Mccarthy, A. S. Kheifets, M. Vos, E. Weigold
7 -0.42 0 2007/03/26 Core-shell nanoparticles with self-regulating plasmonic functionality M. B. Cortie, A. Dowd, N. Harris, M. J. Ford
8 -0.58 1 2013/01/03 Hydrogen adsorption capacity of adatoms on double carbon vacancies of graphene: A trend study from first principles K. M. Fair, X. Y. Cui, L. Li, C. C. Shieh, R. K. Zheng, Z. W. Liu, B. Delley, M. J. Ford, S. P. Ringer, ..., C. Stampfl
9 -0.65 0 2014/11/07 Phonon pressure coefficients and deformation potentials of wurtzite AlN determined by uniaxial pressure-dependent Raman measurements G. Callsen, M. R. Wagner, J. S. Reparaz, F. Nippert, T. Kure, S. Kalinowski, A. Hoffmann, M. J. Ford, M. R. Phillips, ..., Z. Sitar