Papers by K. Mullen

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 7.57 25 2015/07/09 Line of Dirac Nodes in Hyperhoneycomb Lattices K. Mullen, B. Uchoa, D. T. Glatzhofer
2 1.57 39 1988/01/01 I-V characteristics of coupled ultrasmall-capacitance normal tunnel junctions K. Mullen, E. Ben-Jacob, R. C. Jaklevic, Z. Schuss
3 1.16 47 1989/05/22 Time of Zener tunneling K. Mullen, E. Ben-Jacob, Y. Gefen, Z. Schuss
4 0.38 29 1988/05/01 Coherent versus noncoherent Bloch oscillations in the presence of direct and alternating fields E. Ben-Jacob, Y. Gefen, K. Mullen, Z. Schuss
5 0.09 12 1988/09/01 Charging effects in coupled superconducting tunnel junctions and their implications for tunneling measurements of high-Tc superconductors K. Mullen, E. Ben-Jacob, S. Ruggiero
6 -0.02 13 1988/03/14 Combined effect of Zener and quasiparticle transitions on the dynamics of mesoscopic Josephson junctions K. Mullen, E. Ben-Jacob, Z. Schuss
7 -0.03 22 1992/12/15 Bound states and resonances in waveguides and quantum wires J. P. Carini, J. T. Londergan, K. Mullen, D. P. Murdock
8 -0.09 18 1993/08/15 Multiple bound states in sharply bent waveguides J. P. Carini, J. T. Londergan, K. Mullen, D. P. Murdock
9 -0.12 18 1995/08/15 Effect of spin degeneracy on scaling in the quantum Hall regime C. B. Hanna, D. P. Arovas, K. Mullen, S. M. Girvin
10 -0.15 13 1990/11/01 Zener tunneling in systems without level crossing S. Fishman, K. Mullen, E. Ben-Jacob
11 -0.23 6 1991/06/01 Dephasing by a dynamic asymmetric environment D. Loss, K. Mullen
12 -0.25 9 1994/06/20 Hexatically ordered superfluids K. Mullen, H. T. Stoo, M. Wallin, S. M. Girvin
13 -0.27 6 2003/05/30 Atomic-Scale Observation of Temperature and Pressure Driven Preroughening and Roughening Z. Ding, D. W. Bullock, P. M. Thibado, V. P. Labella, K. Mullen
14 -0.27 2 2004/04/28 Theory of tunneling resonances of bilayer electron systems in a strong magnetic field M. Abolfath, R. Khomeriki, K. Mullen
15 -0.28 3 1998/01/15 Anisotropic transport of quantum Hall meron-pair excitations K. Moon, K. Mullen
16 -0.31 9 1998/06/15 Accurate effective action for quantum Hall Skyrmions K. Moon, K. Mullen
17 -0.32 10 2006/11/13 Pseudospin vortex-antivortex states with interwoven spin textures in double-layer quantum Hall systems J. Bourassa, B. Roostaei, R. Côté, H. A. Fertig, K. Mullen
18 -0.34 0 2016/06/17 Mullen, Uchoa, and Glatzhofer Reply: K. Mullen, B. Uchoa, D. T. Glatzhofer
19 -0.37 1 1987/04/01 Models of controlled aggregation P. Garik, K. Mullen, R. Richter
20 -0.39 3 2006/12/06 R-matrix theory for magnetotransport properties in semiconductor devices T. Jayasekera, M. A. Morrison, K. Mullen