Papers by E. Peik

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 11.80 42 2015/06/26 Optical atomic clocks A. D. Ludlow, M. M. Boyd, J. Ye, E. Peik, P. O. Schmidt
2 6.70 303 1996/06/10 Bloch Oscillations of Atoms in an Optical Potential M. Ben Dahan, E. Peik, J. Reichel, Y. Castin, C. Salomon
3 4.23 106 1987/12/28 Observation of a Phase Transition of Stored Laser-Cooled Ions F. Diedrich, E. Peik, J. M. Chen, W. Quint, H. Walther
4 3.72 36 2012/02/29 High-Accuracy Optical Clock Based on the Octupole Transition in Yb+171 N. Huntemann, M. Okhapkin, B. Lipphardt, S. Weyers, C. Tamm, E. Peik
5 3.52 26 2014/11/17 Improved Limit on a Temporal Variation of mp/me from Comparisons of Yb+ and Cs Atomic Clocks N. Huntemann, B. Lipphardt, C. Tamm, V. Gerginov, S. Weyers, E. Peik
6 3.16 70 2004/10/18 Limit on the Present Temporal Variation of the Fine Structure Constant E. Peik, B. Lipphardt, H. Schnatz, T. Schneider, C. Tamm, S. G. Karshenboim
7 2.16 48 2005/06/16 Sub-Hertz Optical Frequency Comparisons between Two Trapped Yb+171 Ions T. Schneider, E. Peik, C. Tamm
8 1.13 21 1994/01/01 Laser cooling and quantum jumps of a single indium ion E. Peik, G. Hollemann, H. Walther
9 1.12 18 2012/11/21 Generalized Ramsey Excitation Scheme with Suppressed Light Shift N. Huntemann, B. Lipphardt, M. Okhapkin, C. Tamm, E. Peik, A. V. Taichenachev, V. I. Yudin
10 1.07 65 1997/04/01 Bloch oscillations of atoms, adiabatic rapid passage, and monokinetic atomic beams E. Peik, M. Ben Dahan, I. Bouchoule, Y. Castin, C. Salomon
11 0.68 18 2009/10/06 Stray-field-induced quadrupole shift and absolute frequency of the 688-THz Y171b+ single-ion optical frequency standard C. Tamm, S. Weyers, B. Lipphardt, E. Peik
12 0.64 8 2016/02/08 Single-Ion Atomic Clock with 3×1018 Systematic Uncertainty N. Huntemann, C. Sanner, B. Lipphardt, C. Tamm, E. Peik
13 0.43 27 1995/12/18 Raman Cooling of Cesium below 3 nK: New Approach Inspired by Lévy Flight Statistics J. Reichel, F. Bardou, M. B. Dahan, E. Peik, S. Rand, C. Salomon, C. Cohen-Tannoudji
14 0.41 23 2001/04/16 High-resolution spectroscopy of a single In+ ion: Progress towards an optical frequency standard T. Becker, J. V. Zanthier, A. Y. Nevsky, C. Schwedes, M. N. Skvortsov, H. Walther, E. Peik
15 0.23 18 1997/10/27 Direct Measurement of The Spatial Correlation Function of Ultracold Atoms B. Saubaméa, T. W. Hijmans, S. Kulin, E. Rasel, E. Peik, M. Leduc, C. Cohen-Tannoudji
16 0.08 9 2011/07/14 Atomic Clocks with Suppressed Blackbody Radiation Shift V. I. Yudin, A. V. Taichenachev, M. V. Okhapkin, S. N. Bagayev, C. Tamm, E. Peik, N. Huntemann, T. E. Mehlstäubler, F. Riehle
17 0.02 9 2010/10/25 Excitation of the Isomeric Th229m Nuclear State via an Electronic Bridge Process in Th+229 S. G. Porsev, V. V. Flambaum, E. Peik, C. Tamm
18 -0.00 17 1999/07/01 Sideband cooling of ions in radio-frequency traps E. Peik, J. Abel, T. Becker, J. Von Zanthier, H. Walther
19 -0.08 4 2014/02/14 Cs-based optical frequency measurement using cross-linked optical and microwave oscillators C. Tamm, N. Huntemann, B. Lipphardt, V. Gerginov, N. Nemitz, M. Kazda, S. Weyers, E. Peik
20 -0.16 5 2013/07/16 Energy levels of Th+ between 7.3 and 8.3 eV O. A. Herrera-Sancho, N. Nemitz, M. V. Okhapkin, E. Peik