Papers by K. Sun

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 7.96 169 2010/03/12 Topological Kondo Insulators M. Dzero, K. Sun, V. Galitski, P. Coleman
2 7.50 74 2013/11/27 Low-temperature surface conduction in the Kondo insulator SmB6 S. Wolgast, Ç. Kurdak, K. Sun, J. W. Allen, D. J. Kim, Z. Fisk
3 7.10 8 2016/09/14 Observation of Fermi arcs in the type-II Weyl semimetal candidate WTe2 Y. Wu, D. Mou, N. H. Jo, K. Sun, L. Huang, S. L. Bud'ko, P. C. Canfield, A. Kaminski
4 6.97 191 2011/06/06 Nearly Flatbands with Nontrivial Topology K. Sun, Z. Gu, H. Katsura, S. Das Sarma
5 6.70 138 2009/07/24 Topological Insulators and Nematic Phases from Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking in 2D Fermi Systems with a Quadratic Band Crossing K. Sun, H. Yao, E. Fradkin, S. A. Kivelson
6 3.96 75 2012/01/30 Theory of topological Kondo insulators M. Dzero, K. Sun, P. Coleman, V. Galitski
7 2.49 40 2013/05/01 Topological Zero-Energy Modes in Gapless Commensurate Aubry-André-Harper Models S. Ganeshan, K. Sun, S. Das Sarma
8 2.29 47 2012/12/28 Topological flat band models with arbitrary Chern numbers S. Yang, Z. C. Gu, K. Sun, S. Das Sarma
9 2.21 58 2012/08/20 Exotic Quantum Spin Models in Spin-Orbit-Coupled Mott Insulators J. Radić, A. Di Ciolo, K. Sun, V. Galitski
10 1.30 50 2010/09/28 Interaction effects and quantum phase transitions in topological insulators C. N. Varney, K. Sun, M. Rigol, V. Galitski
11 1.10 8 2015/06/22 Spin–orbital-angular-momentum coupling in Bose-Einstein condensates K. Sun, C. Qu, C. Zhang
12 0.97 13 2015/09/18 Chiral spin liquids on the kagome lattice K. Kumar, K. Sun, E. Fradkin
13 0.87 30 2011/08/08 Kaleidoscope of Exotic Quantum Phases in a Frustrated XY Model C. N. Varney, K. Sun, V. Galitski, M. Rigol
14 0.84 34 2010/08/05 Spontaneous inhomogeneous phases in ultracold dipolar Fermi gases K. Sun, C. Wu, S. Das Sarma
15 0.80 14 2014/11/10 Chern-Simons theory of magnetization plateaus of the spin-12 quantum XXZ Heisenberg model on the kagome lattice K. Kumar, K. Sun, E. Fradkin
16 0.72 11 2015/04/20 General framework for transport in spin-orbit-coupled superconducting heterostructures: Nonuniform spin-orbit coupling and spin-orbit-active interfaces K. Sun, N. Shah
17 0.67 49 2007/03/05 Fermi liquid instabilities in the spin channel C. Wu, K. Sun, E. Fradkin, S. C. Zhang
18 0.65 24 2012/10/22 Adiabatic continuity between Hofstadter and Chern insulator states Y. H. Wu, J. K. Jain, K. Sun
19 0.56 8 2015/05/28 Quantum phases of Bose-Einstein condensates with synthetic spin–orbital-angular-momentum coupling C. Qu, K. Sun, C. Zhang
20 0.49 28 2008/12/30 Time-reversal symmetry breaking and spontaneous anomalous Hall effect in Fermi fluids K. Sun, E. Fradkin