Papers by H. Zhou

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 8.24 2 2015/07/10 High Gain Submicrometer Optical Amplifier at Near-Infrared Communication Band X. Wang, X. Zhuang, S. Yang, Y. Chen, Q. Zhang, X. Zhu, H. Zhou, P. Guo, J. Liang, ..., X. Duan
2 4.30 19 2015/08/27 Intrinsic randomness as a measure of quantum coherence X. Yuan, H. Zhou, Z. Cao, X. Ma
3 3.36 21 2013/09/12 Origin of the phase transition in IrTe2: Structural modulation and local bonding instability H. Cao, B. C. Chakoumakos, X. Chen, J. Yan, M. A. Mcguire, H. Yang, R. Custelcean, H. Zhou, D. J. Singh, ..., D. Mandrus
4 2.98 66 2002/01/10 Hydrogen: A Relevant Shallow Donor in Zinc Oxide D. M. Hofmann, A. Hofstaetter, F. Leiter, H. Zhou, F. Henecker, B. K. Meyer, S. B. Orlinskii, J. Schmidt, P. G. Baranov
5 1.36 29 2010/06/04 Magnetic properties of the geometrically frustrated S=12 antiferromagnets, La2LiMoO6 and Ba2YMoO6, with the B-site ordered double perovskite structure: Evidence for a collective spin-singlet ground state T. Aharen, J. E. Greedan, C. A. Bridges, A. A. Aczel, J. Rodriguez, G. Macdougall, G. M. Luke, T. Imai, V. K. Michaelis, ..., L. M. Cranswick
6 1.18 15 2009/10/28 Magnetic properties of the S=32 geometrically frustrated double perovskites La2LiRuO6 and Ba2YRuO6 T. Aharen, J. E. Greedan, F. Ning, T. Imai, V. Michaelis, S. Kroeker, H. Zhou, C. R. Wiebe, L. M. Cranswick
7 1.09 3 2016/02/25 Source-Independent Quantum Random Number Generation Z. Cao, H. Zhou, X. Yuan, X. Ma
8 1.05 6 2015/08/24 (Li0.84Fe0.16)OHFe0.98Se superconductor: Ion-exchange synthesis of large single-crystal and highly two-dimensional electron properties X. Dong, K. Jin, D. Yuan, H. Zhou, J. Yuan, Y. Huang, W. Hua, J. Sun, P. Zheng, ..., Z. Zhao
9 1.02 17 2003/04/21 Network landscape from a Brownian particle’s perspective H. Zhou
10 0.94 7 2005/01/19 Hierarchical Chain Model of Spider Capture Silk Elasticity H. Zhou, Y. Zhang
11 0.87 24 2003/06/10 Distance, dissimilarity index, and network community structure H. Zhou
12 0.60 18 2010/02/26 Structure and magnetic properties of the S=1 geometrically frustrated double perovskites La2LiReO6 and Ba2YReO6 T. Aharen, J. E. Greedan, C. A. Bridges, A. A. Aczel, J. Rodriguez, G. Macdougall, G. M. Luke, V. K. Michaelis, S. Kroeker, ..., L. M. Cranswick
13 0.52 10 2007/04/17 Wavelength tunability of ion-bombardment-induced ripples on sapphire H. Zhou, Y. Wang, L. Zhou, R. L. Headrick, A. S. Özcan, Y. Wang, G. Özaydin, K. F. Ludwig, D. P. Siddons
14 0.50 1 2016/03/31 Pure-state tomography with the expectation value of Pauli operators X. Ma, T. Jackson, H. Zhou, J. Chen, D. Lu, M. D. Mazurek, K. A. Fisher, X. Peng, D. Kribs, ..., R. Laflamme
15 0.46 12 2006/10/12 Message passing for vertex covers M. Weigt, H. Zhou
16 0.43 10 2012/11/14 Core Percolation on Complex Networks Y. Y. Liu, E. Csóka, H. Zhou, M. Pósfai
17 0.43 11 2006/05/04 Growth dynamics of pentacene thin films: Real-time synchrotron x-ray scattering study A. C. Mayer, R. Ruiz, H. Zhou, R. L. Headrick, A. Kazimirov, G. G. Malliaras
18 0.40 3 2015/02/04 Mode-Locked Ultrashort Pulse Generation from On-Chip Normal Dispersion Microresonators S. W. Huang, H. Zhou, J. Yang, J. F. McMillan, A. Matsko, M. Yu, D. L. Kwong, L. Maleki, C. W. Wong
19 0.39 5 2014/06/02 Experimental Realization of a Compressed Quantum Simulation of a 32-Spin Ising Chain Z. Li, H. Zhou, C. Ju, H. Chen, W. Zheng, D. Lu, X. Rong, C. Duan, X. Peng, ..., J. Du
20 0.38 12 2005/06/02 Long-Range Frustration in a Spin-Glass Model of the Vertex-Cover Problem H. Zhou