Papers by H. A. Fertig

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 13.53 272 2006/06/15 Electronic states of graphene nanoribbons studied with the Dirac equation L. Brey, H. A. Fertig
2 5.35 78 2011/11/15 Floquet Spectrum and Transport through an Irradiated Graphene Ribbon Z. Gu, H. A. Fertig, D. P. Arovas, A. Auerbach
3 4.25 83 2006/05/10 Edge states and the quantized Hall effect in graphene L. Brey, H. A. Fertig
4 3.36 88 2007/09/12 Diluted Graphene Antiferromagnet L. Brey, H. A. Fertig, S. Das Sarma
5 3.16 24 2014/12/03 Effective Theory of Floquet Topological Transitions A. Kundu, H. A. Fertig, B. Seradjeh
6 2.70 161 1994/10/15 Charged spin-texture excitations and the Hartree-Fock approximation in the quantum Hall effect H. A. Fertig, L. Brey, R. Côté, A. H. Macdonald
7 2.28 55 2009/07/24 Emerging Zero Modes for Graphene in a Periodic Potential L. Brey, H. A. Fertig
8 2.28 167 1989/07/15 Energy spectrum of a layered system in a strong magnetic field H. A. Fertig
9 1.73 98 1987/11/15 Transmission coefficient of an electron through a saddle-point potential in a magnetic field H. A. Fertig, B. I. Halperin
10 1.59 45 2006/09/13 Luttinger Liquid at the Edge of Undoped Graphene in a Strong Magnetic Field H. A. Fertig, L. Brey
11 1.14 46 2007/03/28 Excitations from filled Landau levels in graphene A. Iyengar, J. Wang, H. A. Fertig, L. Brey
12 0.96 85 1995/09/25 Skyrme Crystal in a Two-Dimensional Electron Gas L. Brey, H. A. Fertig, R. Côté, A. H. Macdonald
13 0.93 39 1990/11/05 Traversal-Time Distribution and the Uncertainty Principle in Quantum Tunneling H. A. Fertig
14 0.87 18 2009/04/16 Majorana fermions of a two-dimensional px+ipy superconductor Y. E. Kraus, A. Auerbach, H. A. Fertig, S. H. Simon
15 0.84 67 1997/06/23 Collective Excitations, NMR, and Phase Transitions in Skyrme Crystals R. Côté, A. H. Macdonald, L. Brey, H. A. Fertig, S. M. Girvin, H. T. Stoo
16 0.82 27 2007/03/30 Elementary electronic excitations in graphene nanoribbons L. Brey, H. A. Fertig
17 0.71 56 1996/03/18 Skyrmions without Sigma Models in Quantum Hall Ferromagnets A. H. Macdonald, H. A. Fertig, L. Brey
18 0.67 35 1999/05/03 Unlocking Transition for Modulated Surfaces and Quantum Hall Stripes H. A. Fertig
19 0.43 3 2016/01/08 Floquet-Engineered Valleytronics in Dirac Systems A. Kundu, H. A. Fertig, B. Seradjeh
20 0.40 27 2009/05/21 Onset of an Insulating Zero-Plateau Quantum Hall State in Graphene E. Shimshoni, H. A. Fertig, G. V. Pai