Papers by C. Wu

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 9.57 292 2006/03/14 Helical Liquid and the Edge of Quantum Spin Hall Systems C. Wu, B. A. Bernevig, S. C. Zhang
2 4.56 108 2007/08/16 Flat Bands and Wigner Crystallization in the Honeycomb Optical Lattice C. Wu, D. Bergman, L. Balents, S. Das Sarma
3 4.10 91 2009/06/26 Kondo Effect in the Helical Edge Liquid of the Quantum Spin Hall State J. Maciejko, C. Liu, Y. Oreg, X. L. Qi, C. Wu, S. C. Zhang
4 3.73 82 2011/11/15 Particle-hole symmetry and interaction effects in the Kane-Mele-Hubbard model D. Zheng, G. M. Zhang, C. Wu
5 3.73 13 2015/02/23 Spacetime symmetries of the quantum Hall effect M. Geracie, D. T. Son, C. Wu, S. F. Wu
6 2.72 120 2003/10/28 Exact SO(5) Symmetry in the Spin-3/2 Fermionic System C. Wu, J. P. Hu, S. C. Zhang
7 2.27 58 2010/03/24 Quantum anomalous Hall effect with cold atoms trapped in a square lattice X. J. Liu, X. Liu, C. Wu, J. Sinova
8 1.97 61 2008/10/31 Orbital Analogue of the Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in p-Band Systems C. Wu
9 1.94 39 2009/12/29 Quasiparticle interference on the surface of the topological insulator Bi2Te3 W. C. Lee, C. Wu, D. P. Arovas, S. C. Zhang
10 1.94 78 2006/07/13 Atomic matter of nonzero-momentum Bose-Einstein condensation and orbital current order W. V. Liu, C. Wu
11 1.74 26 2011/02/17 Selective Steering of Molecular Multiple Dissociative Channels with Strong Few-Cycle Laser Pulses Y. Liu, X. Liu, Y. Deng, C. Wu, H. Jiang, Q. Gong
12 1.73 17 2014/03/17 Classical-Quantum Correspondence for Above-Threshold Ionization M. Li, J. W. Geng, H. Liu, Y. Deng, C. Wu, L. Y. Peng, Q. Gong, Y. Liu
13 1.52 19 2013/07/09 Subcycle Dynamics of Coulomb Asymmetry in Strong Elliptical Laser Fields M. Li, Y. Liu, H. Liu, Q. Ning, L. Fu, J. Liu, Y. Deng, C. Wu, L. Y. Peng, ..., Q. Gong
14 1.47 39 2012/06/20 Magnetic phases of bosons with synthetic spin-orbit coupling in optical lattices Z. Cai, X. Zhou, C. Wu
15 1.32 53 2009/05/26 Pairing State with a Time-Reversal Symmetry Breaking in FeAs-Based Superconductors W. C. Lee, S. C. Zhang, C. Wu
16 1.30 41 2006/11/10 Quantum Stripe Ordering in Optical Lattices C. Wu, W. V. Liu, J. Moore, S. Das Sarma
17 1.21 1 2016/08/12 Experimental quantum data locking Y. Liu, Z. Cao, C. Wu, D. Fukuda, L. You, J. Zhong, T. Numata, S. Chen, W. Zhang, ..., J. W. Pan
18 1.16 19 2012/08/27 Low Yield of Near-Zero-Momentum Electrons and Partial Atomic Stabilization in Strong-Field Tunneling Ionization H. Liu, Y. Liu, L. Fu, G. Xin, D. Ye, J. Liu, X. T. He, Y. Yang, X. Liu, ..., Q. Gong
19 1.15 9 2013/03/07 Nonsequential and Sequential Fragmentation of CO23+ in Intense Laser Fields C. Wu, C. Wu, D. Song, H. Su, Y. Yang, Z. Wu, X. Liu, H. Liu, M. Li, ..., Q. Gong
20 1.11 50 2008/05/22 Orbital Ordering and Frustration of p-Band Mott Insulators C. Wu