Papers by C. L. Kane

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 31.25 2655 2010/11/08 Colloquium: Topological insulators M. Z. Hasan, C. L. Kane
2 28.34 1378 2005/11/23 Quantum Spin Hall Effect in Graphene C. L. Kane, E. J. Mele
3 24.09 1199 2005/09/28 Z2 Topological Order and the Quantum Spin Hall Effect C. L. Kane, E. J. Mele
4 26.97 971 2008/03/06 Superconducting Proximity Effect and Majorana Fermions at the Surface of a Topological Insulator L. Fu, C. L. Kane
5 27.14 940 2007/03/07 Topological Insulators in Three Dimensions L. Fu, C. L. Kane, E. J. Mele
6 28.54 764 2007/07/02 Topological insulators with inversion symmetry L. Fu, C. L. Kane
7 6.59 599 1992/12/15 Transmission through barriers and resonant tunneling in an interacting one-dimensional electron gas C. L. Kane, M. P. Fisher
8 5.85 463 1992/02/24 Transport in a one-channel Luttinger liquid C. L. Kane, M. P. Fisher
9 5.73 382 1989/04/01 Motion of a single hole in a quantum antiferromagnet C. L. Kane, P. A. Lee, N. Read
10 10.39 247 2009/04/28 Josephson current and noise at a superconductor/quantum-spin-Hall-insulator/superconductor junction L. Fu, C. L. Kane
11 9.86 222 1997/03/10 Size, Shape, and Low Energy Electronic Structure of Carbon Nanotubes C. L. Kane, E. J. Mele
12 14.15 199 2006/11/08 Time reversal polarization and a Z2 adiabatic spin pump L. Fu, C. L. Kane
13 2.35 160 2008/07/23 Surface states and topological invariants in three-dimensional topological insulators: Application to Bi1xSbx J. C. Teo, L. Fu, C. L. Kane
14 8.58 153 2009/05/28 Probing Neutral Majorana Fermion Edge Modes with Charge Transport L. Fu, C. L. Kane
15 10.55 147 2012/04/06 Dirac Semimetal in Three Dimensions S. M. Young, S. Zaheer, J. C. Teo, C. L. Kane, E. J. Mele, A. M. Rappe
16 3.90 130 2010/09/22 Topological defects and gapless modes in insulators and superconductors J. C. Teo, C. L. Kane
17 1.48 129 1990/03/19 Boson-vortex-Skyrmion duality, spin-singlet fractional quantum Hall effect, and spin-1/2 anyon superconductivity D. H. Lee, C. L. Kane
18 4.04 129 2000/03/27 High-Field Electrical Transport in Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes Z. Yao, C. L. Kane, C. Dekker
19 1.99 118 1994/01/31 Nonequilibrium noise and fractional charge in the quantum Hall effect C. L. Kane, M. P. Fisher
20 1.75 104 1990/02/01 Mean-field theory of the spiral phases of a doped antiferromagnet C. L. Kane, P. A. Lee, T. K. Ng, B. Chakraborty, N. Read