Papers by A. W. Ludwig

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 15.34 677 2008/11/26 Classification of topological insulators and superconductors in three spatial dimensions A. P. Schnyder, S. Ryu, A. Furusaki, A. W. Ludwig
2 7.96 276 1994/09/15 Integer quantum Hall transition: An alternative approach and exact results A. W. Ludwig, M. P. Fisher, R. Shankar, G. Grinstein
3 4.81 78 2012/01/05 Electromagnetic and gravitational responses and anomalies in topological insulators and superconductors S. Ryu, J. E. Moore, A. W. Ludwig
4 3.62 134 1991/07/08 Universal noninteger ‘‘ground-state degeneracy’’ in critical quantum systems I. Affleck, A. W. Ludwig
5 2.64 116 1995/09/15 Exact nonequilibrium transport through point contacts in quantum wires and fractional quantum Hall devices P. Fendley, A. W. Ludwig, H. Saleur
6 2.59 89 1991/11/25 Exact, asymptotic, three-dimensional, space- and time-dependent, Green’s functions in the multichannel Kondo effect A. W. Ludwig, I. Affleck
7 2.20 68 2007/04/20 Interacting Anyons in Topological Quantum Liquids: The Golden Chain A. Feiguin, S. Trebst, A. W. Ludwig, M. Troyer, A. Kitaev, Z. Wang, M. H. Freedman
8 2.03 70 2012/05/10 General Relationship between the Entanglement Spectrum and the Edge State Spectrum of Topological Quantum States X. L. Qi, H. Katsura, A. W. Ludwig
9 2.03 122 1993/09/01 Exact conformal-field-theory results on the multichannel Kondo effect: Single-fermion Green’s function, self-energy, and resistivity I. Affleck, A. W. Ludwig
10 1.97 71 1999/05/31 Exact Exponents for the Spin Quantum Hall Transition I. A. Gruzberg, A. W. Ludwig, N. Read
11 1.54 72 1995/09/11 Exact Nonequilibrium dc Shot Noise in Luttinger Liquids and Fractional Quantum Hall Devices P. Fendley, A. W. Ludwig, H. Saleur
12 1.47 79 1994/02/14 2-channel Kondo scaling in conductance signals from 2 level tunneling systems D. C. Ralph, A. W. Ludwig, J. Von Delft, R. A. Buhrman
13 1.46 125 1995/04/10 Exact Conductance through Point Contacts in the ν=1/3 Fractional Quantum Hall Effect P. Fendley, A. W. Ludwig, H. Saleur
14 1.22 85 1992/04/01 Relevance of anisotropy in the multichannel Kondo effect: Comparison of conformal field theory and numerical renormalization-group results I. Affleck, A. W. Ludwig, H. B. Pang, D. L. Cox
15 1.12 115 1995/10/01 Conformal-field-theory approach to the two-impurity Kondo problem: Comparison with numerical renormalization-group results I. Affleck, A. W. Ludwig, B. A. Jones
16 1.04 33 2009/08/10 Collective States of Interacting Anyons, Edge States, and the Nucleation of Topological Liquids C. Gils, E. Ardonne, S. Trebst, A. W. Ludwig, M. Troyer, Z. Wang
17 0.94 33 2007/05/30 Landauer conductance and twisted boundary conditions for Dirac fermions in two space dimensions S. Ryu, C. Mudry, A. Furusaki, A. W. Ludwig
18 0.93 18 2006/04/07 Interaction effects on two-dimensional fermions with random hopping M. S. Foster, A. W. Ludwig
19 0.76 78 1992/02/17 Exact critical theory of the two-impurity Kondo model I. Affleck, A. W. Ludwig
20 0.74 33 2000/12/11 Absence of a metallic phase in random-bond Ising models in two dimensions: Applications to disordered superconductors and paired quantum Hall states N. Read, A. W. Ludwig