Papers by A. Sudbø

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 7.19 140 2010/02/09 Unconventional Superconductivity on a Topological Insulator J. Linder, Y. Tanaka, T. Yokoyama, A. Sudbø, N. Nagaosa
2 5.62 82 2009/11/02 Anomalous finite size effects on surface states in the topological insulator Bi2Se3 J. Linder, T. Yokoyama, A. Sudbø
3 5.16 300 1989/10/01 Flux lattice melting in high-Tc superconductors A. Houghton, R. A. Pelcovits, A. Sudbø
4 1.39 88 1992/07/20 First-order melting transition of an Abrikosov vortex lattice R. E. Hetzel, A. Sudbø, D. A. Huse
5 1.16 60 1991/04/01 Flux-line tilt moduli in anisotropic superconductors A. Sudbø, E. H. Brandt
6 0.91 33 2010/05/24 Interplay between superconductivity and ferromagnetism on a topological insulator J. Linder, Y. Tanaka, T. Yokoyama, A. Sudbø, N. Nagaosa
7 0.91 41 2005/06/06 Field- and temperature-induced topological phase transitions in the three-dimensional N-component London superconductor J. Smiseth, E. Smørgrav, E. Babaev, A. Sudbø
8 0.61 42 2002/05/22 Deconfinement Transition in Three-Dimensional Compact U(1) Gauge Theories Coupled to Matter Fields H. Kleinert, F. S. Nogueira, A. Sudbø
9 0.54 27 2005/03/09 Vortex Sublattice Melting in a Two-Component Superconductor E. Smørgrav, J. Smiseth, E. Babaev, A. Sudbø
10 0.51 72 1999/12/01 Topological phase fluctuations, amplitude fluctuations, and criticality in extreme type-II superconductors A. K. Nguyen, A. Sudbø
11 0.50 33 1991/11/25 Flux-line cutting in superconductors A. Sudbø, E. H. Brandt
12 0.48 32 2008/05/07 Supercurrent Switch in Graphene π Junctions J. Linder, T. Yokoyama, D. Huertas-Hernando, A. Sudbø
13 0.44 37 1991/05/01 Nonlocal elastic properties of flux-line lattices in anisotropic superconductors in an arbitrarily oriented field A. Sudbø, E. H. Brandt
14 0.38 33 2009/03/13 Pairing Symmetry Conversion by Spin-Active Interfaces in Magnetic Normal-Metal–Superconductor Junctions J. Linder, T. Yokoyama, A. Sudbø, M. Eschrig
15 0.38 26 2006/12/11 First-Order Phase Transition in Easy-Plane Quantum Antiferromagnets S. Kragset, E. Smørgrav, J. Hove, F. S. Nogueira, A. Sudbø
16 0.34 30 2009/02/20 Theory of superconducting and magnetic proximity effect in S/F structures with inhomogeneous magnetization textures and spin-active interfaces J. Linder, T. Yokoyama, A. Sudbø
17 0.33 22 2007/10/01 Dirac Fermions and Conductance Oscillations in s- and d-Wave Superconductor-Graphene Junctions J. Linder, A. Sudbø
18 0.33 25 2007/08/13 Quantum transport in noncentrosymmetric superconductors and thermodynamics of ferromagnetic superconductors J. Linder, A. Sudbø
19 0.24 19 2010/06/03 Signature of odd-frequency pairing correlations induced by a magnetic interface J. Linder, A. Sudbø, T. Yokoyama, R. Grein, M. Eschrig
20 0.23 6 2013/12/30 Time reversal symmetry breakdown in normal and superconducting states in frustrated three-band systems T. A. Bojesen, E. Babaev, A. Sudbø