Papers by B. Lu

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 3.98 32 2014/12/17 Creation of Ultracold Rb87Cs133 Molecules in the Rovibrational Ground State P. K. Molony, P. D. Gregory, Z. Ji, B. Lu, M. P. Köppinger, C. R. Sueur, C. L. Blackley, J. M. Hutson, S. L. Cornish
2 2.50 9 2016/05/19 Creation of an Ultracold Gas of Ground-State Dipolar Na23Rb87 Molecules M. Guo, B. Zhu, B. Lu, X. Ye, F. Wang, R. Vexiau, N. Bouloufa-Maafa, G. Quéméner, O. Dulieu, ..., D. Wang
3 1.27 43 1990/02/15 Nearest-neighbor distribution functions in many-body systems S. Torquato, B. Lu, J. Rubinstein
4 0.75 20 1992/01/15 Lineal-path function for random heterogeneous materials B. Lu, S. Torquato
5 0.44 14 2015/03/06 Crossed Surface Flat Bands of Weyl Semimetal Superconductors B. Lu, K. Yada, M. Sato, Y. Tanaka
6 0.06 16 1993/04/01 Chord-length distribution function for two-phase random media S. Torquato, B. Lu
7 0.04 7 1991/02/15 General formalism to characterize the microstructure of polydispersed random media B. Lu, S. Torquato
8 0.02 2 2012/07/23 Effective driving force applied on DNA inside a solid-state nanopore B. Lu, D. P. Hoogerheide, Q. Zhao, D. Yu
9 0.00 40 1988/12/01 Search for neutral metastable penetrating particles produced in the SLAC beam dump J. D. Bjorken, S. Ecklund, W. R. Nelson, A. Abashian, C. Church, B. Lu, L. W. Mo, T. A. Nunamaker, P. Rassmann
10 -0.04 16 1988/07/01 New universality class for gelation in a system with particle breakup R. D. Vigil, R. M. Zi, B. Lu
11 -0.07 8 2009/05/07 Photoluminescence sidebands of carbon nanotubes below the bright singlet excitonic levels Y. Murakami, B. Lu, S. Kazaoui, N. Minami, T. Okubo, S. Maruyama
12 -0.16 8 1992/04/15 Nearest-surface distribution functions for polydispersed particle systems B. Lu, S. Torquato
13 -0.18 1 2016/05/27 All-electrical generation and control of odd-frequency s-wave Cooper pairs in double quantum dots P. Burset, B. Lu, H. Ebisu, Y. Asano, Y. Tanaka
14 -0.22 0 2008/06/19 Density-density correlation of incoherent atoms with angular momentum released from an optical lattice S. Liu, H. Xiong, B. Lu
15 -0.23 2 2015/11/19 Superconducting proximity effect in three-dimensional topological insulators in the presence of a magnetic field P. Burset, B. Lu, G. Tkachov, Y. Tanaka, E. M. Hankiewicz, B. Trauzettel
16 -0.23 2 1995/08/07 Measurement of Charged and Neutral Current e-p Deep Inelastic Scattering Cross Sections at High Q2 M. Derrick, D. Krakauer, S. Magill, D. Mikunas, B. Musgrave, J. Repond, R. Stanek, R. L. Talaga, H. Zhang, ..., ZEUS Collaboration
17 -0.24 0 2016/10/28 Effects of interactions on the relaxation processes in magnetic nanostructures L. J. Atkinson, T. A. Ostler, O. Hovorka, K. K. Wang, B. Lu, G. P. Ju, J. Hohlfeld, B. Bergman, B. Koopmans, ..., R. W. Chantrell
18 -0.25 4 1992/05/15 Lineal-path function for random heterogeneous materials. II. Effect of polydispersivity B. Lu, S. Torquato
19 -0.26 4 2010/05/27 Laser-induced magnetization switching in films with perpendicular anisotropy: A comparison between measurements and a multi-macrospin model C. Bunce, J. Wu, G. Ju, B. Lu, D. Hinzke, N. Kazantseva, U. Nowak, R. W. Chantrell
20 -0.29 2 2011/05/03 Mode competition in superradiant scattering of matter waves T. Vogt, B. Lu, X. Liu, X. Xu, X. Zhou, X. Chen