Papers by Y. Liang

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 7.69 41 2015/07/08 Topological node-line semimetal in three-dimensional graphene networks H. Weng, Y. Liang, Q. Xu, R. Yu, Z. Fang, X. Dai, Y. Kawazoe
2 5.75 63 2014/06/26 Layer-controlled band gap and anisotropic excitons in few-layer black phosphorus V. Tran, R. Soklaski, Y. Liang, L. Yang
3 1.82 66 2004/07/21 Measurements of electron-proton elastic cross sections for 0.4<Q2<5.5(GeVc)2 M. E. Christy, A. Ahmidouch, C. S. Armstrong, J. Arrington, R. Asaturyan, S. Avery, O. K. Baker, D. H. Beck, H. P. Blok, ..., V. Ziskin
4 1.56 18 2007/06/29 Active Control of Type-I Edge-Localized Modes with n=1 Perturbation Fields in the JET Tokamak Y. Liang, H. R. Koslowski, P. R. Thomas, E. Nardon, B. Alper, P. Andrew, Y. Andrew, G. Arnoux, Y. Baranov, ..., O. Zimmermann
5 1.36 2 2016/04/25 Signatures of the Primordial Universe from Its Emptiness: Measurement of Baryon Acoustic Oscillations from Minima of the Density Field F. S. Kitaura, C. H. Chuang, Y. Liang, C. Zhao, C. Tao, S. Rodríguez-Torres, D. J. Eisenstein, H. Gil-Marín, J. P. Kneib, ..., G. B. Zhao
6 1.17 34 1992/08/31 New deformed states near the Z=50 closed shell: Sb6651117 D. R. Lafosse, D. B. Fossan, J. R. Hughes, Y. Liang, P. Vaska, M. P. Waring, J. Y. Zhang
7 1.02 8 2005/01/07 Toroidal Plasma Rotation Induced by the Dynamic Ergodic Divertor in the TEXTOR Tokamak K. H. Finken, S. S. Abdullaev, M. F. De Bock, M. Von Hellermann, M. Jakubowski, R. Jaspers, H. R. Koslowski, A. Krämer-Flecken, M. Lehnen, ..., Y. H. Xu
8 0.99 18 2013/06/25 Topological Edge States at a Tilt Boundary in Gated Multilayer Graphene A. Vaezi, Y. Liang, D. H. Ngai, L. Yang, E. A. Kim
9 0.69 41 1989/02/01 Nilsson parameter set in the A≊120–140 region J. Y. Zhang, N. Xu, D. B. Fossan, Y. Liang, R. Ma, E. S. Paul
10 0.54 3 2011/02/23 Quantum random-number generator based on a photon-number-resolving detector M. Ren, E. Wu, Y. Liang, Y. Jian, G. Wu, H. Zeng
11 0.50 30 1989/09/01 Shape coexistence in Ba132 E. S. Paul, D. B. Fossan, Y. Liang, R. Ma, N. Xu
12 0.49 15 1993/12/01 γ spectroscopy of I117: Three structural features M. P. Waring, D. B. Fossan, J. R. Hughes, D. R. Lafosse, Y. Liang, R. Ma, P. Vaska, E. S. Paul, S. A. Forbes, ..., R. M. Clark
13 0.48 8 2014/07/15 Analytical Perspective for Bound States in the Continuum in Photonic Crystal Slabs Y. Yang, C. Peng, Y. Liang, Z. Li, S. Noda
14 0.47 17 2009/09/30 Applications of quark-hadron duality in the F2 structure function S. P. Malace, G. S. Adams, A. Ahmidouch, T. Angelescu, J. Arrington, R. Asaturyan, O. K. Baker, N. Benmouna, H. P. Blok, ..., X. Zheng
15 0.43 19 1991/08/01 Band termination in I121 Y. Liang, D. B. Fossan, J. R. Hughes, D. R. Lafosse, T. Lauritsen, R. Ma, E. S. Paul, P. Vaska, M. P. Waring, ..., R. A. Wyss
16 0.41 5 2015/08/24 Large-gap two-dimensional topological insulator in oxygen functionalized MXene H. Weng, A. Ranjbar, Y. Liang, Z. Song, M. Khazaei, S. Yunoki, M. Arai, Y. Kawazoe, Z. Fang, ..., X. Dai
17 0.37 22 2007/12/14 Measurement of Nuclear Transparency for the A(e,eπ+) Reaction B. Clasie, X. Qian, J. Arrington, R. Asaturyan, F. Benmokhtar, W. Boeglin, P. Bosted, A. Bruell, M. E. Christy, ..., X. C. Zheng
18 0.33 13 1996/03/01 High-K isomers in W176 and mechanisms of K violation B. Crowell, P. Chowdhury, D. J. Blumenthal, S. J. Freeman, C. J. Lister, M. P. Carpenter, R. G. Henry, R. V. Janssens, T. L. Khoo, ..., I. G. Bearden
19 0.32 5 2014/05/05 Effect of As-chain layers in CaFeAs2 X. Wu, C. Le, Y. Liang, S. Qin, H. Fan, J. Hu
20 0.29 18 1991/12/01 Alignment effects in odd-mass Cs isotopes: Spectroscopy of Cs125 J. R. Hughes, D. B. Fossan, D. R. Lafosse, Y. Liang, P. Vaska, M. P. Waring