Papers by C. P. Yuan

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 15.01 246 2010/10/26 New parton distributions for collider physics H. L. Lai, M. Guzzi, J. Huston, Z. Li, P. M. Nadolsky, J. Pumplin, C. P. Yuan
2 9.13 52 2014/02/19 CT10 next-to-next-to-leading order global analysis of QCD J. Gao, M. Guzzi, J. Huston, H. L. Lai, Z. Li, P. Nadolsky, J. Pumplin, D. Stump, C. P. Yuan
3 5.69 272 2008/07/21 Implications of CTEQ global analysis for collider observables P. M. Nadolsky, H. L. Lai, Q. H. Cao, J. Huston, J. Pumplin, D. Stump, W. K. Tung, C. P. Yuan
4 4.51 30 2016/02/16 New parton distribution functions from a global analysis of quantum chromodynamics S. Dulat, T. J. Hou, J. Gao, M. Guzzi, J. Huston, P. Nadolsky, J. Pumplin, C. Schmidt, D. Stump, ..., C. P. Yuan
5 3.30 123 1992/01/01 Using the top quark for testing standard-model polarization and CP predictions G. L. Kane, G. A. Ladinsky, C. P. Yuan
6 3.19 99 1997/11/01 Soft gluon effects on lepton pairs at hadron colliders C. Balázs, C. P. Yuan
7 2.90 4 2016/06/16 CT14QED parton distribution functions from isolated photon production in deep inelastic scattering C. Schmidt, J. Pumplin, D. Stump, C. P. Yuan
8 2.77 83 1995/01/01 Handbook of perturbative QCD G. Sterman, J. Smith, J. C. Collins, J. Whitmore, R. Brock, J. Huston, J. Pumplin, W. K. Tung, H. Weerts, ..., D. E. Soper
9 1.95 73 2000/12/11 Single top quark production as a window to physics beyond the standard model T. M. Tait, C. P. Yuan
10 1.76 72 2003/04/23 Fermilab Tevatron run-1 Z boson data and the Collins-Soper-Sterman resummation formalism F. Landry, R. Brock, P. M. Nadolsky, C. P. Yuan
11 1.71 23 2007/07/31 Calculation of prompt diphoton production cross sections at Fermilab Tevatron and CERN LHC energies C. Balázs, E. L. Berger, P. Nadolsky, C. P. Yuan
12 1.67 35 2004/12/07 Higgs coupling constants as a probe of new physics S. Kanemura, Y. Okada, E. Senaha, C. P. Yuan
13 1.40 72 1990/01/01 New method to detect a heavy top quark at the Fermilab Tevatron C. P. Yuan
14 1.32 25 2010/09/21 Uncertainty induced by QCD coupling in the CTEQ global analysis of parton distributions H. L. Lai, J. Huston, Z. Li, P. Nadolsky, J. Pumplin, D. Stump, C. P. Yuan
15 1.30 77 1994/10/01 Nonperturbative regime in QCD resummation for gauge boson production at hadron colliders G. A. Ladinsky, C. P. Yuan
16 1.28 61 1994/02/01 Strongly interacting WW system: Gold-plated modes J. Bagger, V. Barger, K. Cheung, J. Gunion, T. Han, G. A. Ladinsky, R. Rosenfeld, C. P. Yuan
17 0.91 36 2006/12/28 Phenomenology of a littlest Higgs model with T parity: Including effects of T-odd fermions A. Belyaev, C. R. Chen, K. Tobe, C. P. Yuan
18 0.86 12 2013/09/05 Heavy quarkonium production at low P in nonrelativistic QCD with soft gluon resummation P. Sun, C. P. Yuan, F. Yuan
19 0.84 27 1990/07/01 Impact of new |VubVcb| and ε measurements on weak mixing angles C. S. Kim, J. L. Rosner, C. P. Yuan
20 0.84 35 1994/10/01 Global analysis of the top quark couplings to gauge bosons E. Malkawi, C. P. Yuan