Papers by J. H. Horne

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 1.77 29 1992/02/03 An equivalence between momentum and charge in string theory J. H. Horne, G. T. Horowitz, A. R. Stei
2 1.07 50 1992/08/15 Rotating dilaton black holes J. H. Horne, G. T. Horowitz
3 0.34 19 1993/12/15 Cosmic censorship and the dilaton J. H. Horne, G. T. Horowitz
4 0.16 18 1989/01/30 Conformal Gravity in Three Dimensions as a Gauge Theory J. H. Horne, E. Witten
5 0.03 9 1995/11/15 S duality at the black hole threshold in gravitational collapse D. M. Eardley, E. W. Hirschmann, J. H. Horne