Papers by J. F. Wang

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 5.90 58 2013/12/10 Dirac versus Weyl Fermions in Topological Insulators: Adler-Bell-Jackiw Anomaly in Transport Phenomena H. J. Kim, K. S. Kim, J. F. Wang, M. Sasaki, N. Satoh, A. Ohnishi, M. Kitaura, M. Yang, L. Li
2 -0.01 7 2013/03/25 Topological Phase Transitions Driven by Magnetic Phase Transitions in FexBi2Te3 (0x0.1) Single Crystals H. J. Kim, K. S. Kim, J. F. Wang, V. A. Kulbachinskii, K. Ogawa, M. Sasaki, A. Ohnishi, M. Kitaura, Y. Y. Wu, ..., V. Dobrosavljević
3 -0.06 9 2008/12/01 Transforming Spatial Entanglement Using a Domain-Engineering Technique X. Q. Yu, P. Xu, Z. D. Xie, J. F. Wang, H. Y. Leng, J. S. Zhao, S. N. Zhu, N. B. Ming
4 -0.06 0 2016/12/22 Anomalous transition of major charge carriers from holes to electrons observed in single-crystal films of tungsten Y. C. Jiang, G. Z. Liu, J. Gao, J. F. Wang
5 -0.10 9 1996/11/04 Structure Analysis of the fJ(1710) in the Radiative Decay J/ψγK+K- J. Z. Bai, J. G. Bian, Z. W. Chai, G. P. Chen, H. F. Chen, J. C. Chen, S. M. Chen, Y. Chen, Y. B. Chen, ..., BES Collaboration
6 -0.18 10 2002/01/16 Existence of a proton halo in 23Al and its significance X. Z. Cai, H. Y. Zhang, W. Q. Shen, Z. Z. Ren, J. Feng, D. Q. Fang, Z. Y. Zhu, W. Z. Jiang, Y. G. Ma, ..., Z. Q. Chen
7 -0.24 7 2009/03/27 Scheme to generate continuous-variable quadripartite entanglement by intracavity down-conversion cascaded with double sum-frequency generations H. Y. Leng, J. F. Wang, Y. B. Yu, X. Q. Yu, P. Xu, Z. D. Xie, J. S. Zhao, S. N. Zhu
8 -0.31 1 2008/03/11 Continuous-variable pair-entanglement frequency comb generated from an optical superlattice by enhanced Raman scattering Y. B. Yu, S. N. Zhu, X. Q. Yu, P. Xu, J. F. Wang, Z. D. Xie, H. Y. Leng
9 -0.36 6 2002/05/17 Simplified bond-hyperpolarizability model of second harmonic generation G. D. Powell, J. F. Wang, D. E. Aspnes
10 -0.37 0 1989/06/15 Determination of the dielectric, piezoelectric, and elastic constants of crystals in class 32 J. F. Wang, C. Chen, L. Zhang, Z. K. Qin
11 -0.38 1 1997/10/01 Measurement of the branching fraction of Ds inclusive semileptonic decay Ds+e+X J. Z. Bai, O. Bardon, J. G. Bian, I. Blum, A. Breakstone, T. Burnett, Z. W. Chai, G. P. Chen, H. F. Chen, ..., BES Collaboration
12 -0.44 0 2010/01/28 Broadband continuous-variable entanglement source using a chirped poling nonlinear crystal J. S. Zhao, L. Sun, X. Q. Yu, J. F. Wang, H. Y. Leng, Z. D. Xie, Y. L. Yin, P. Xu, S. N. Zhu
13 -0.49 1 2003/07/24 Exact representation of crossover of transitions from first order to second order in the Potts model for rumor transmission C. G. Shao, Z. Z. Liu, J. F. Wang, J. Luo
14 -0.57 2 2005/11/14 Relative bulk and interface contributions to optical second-harmonic generation in silicon H. J. Peng, E. J. Adles, J. F. Wang, D. E. Aspnes
15 -0.63 1 2014/01/23 Magnetic-field-induced transitions and evolution of magnetotransport properties in quasi-two-dimensional KMo6O17 in the charge-density-wave phase J. F. Wang, M. Yang, L. Li, M. Sasaki, A. Ohnishi, M. Kitaura, K. S. Kim, H. J. Kim