Papers by T. Yokoyama

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 7.19 140 2010/02/09 Unconventional Superconductivity on a Topological Insulator J. Linder, Y. Tanaka, T. Yokoyama, A. Sudbø, N. Nagaosa
2 6.91 152 2009/09/04 Manipulation of the Majorana Fermion, Andreev Reflection, and Josephson Current on Topological Insulators Y. Tanaka, T. Yokoyama, N. Nagaosa
3 5.62 82 2009/11/02 Anomalous finite size effects on surface states in the topological insulator Bi2Se3 J. Linder, T. Yokoyama, A. Sudbø
4 2.65 61 2010/03/01 Anomalous magnetoresistance of a two-dimensional ferromagnet/ferromagnet junction on the surface of a topological insulator T. Yokoyama, Y. Tanaka, N. Nagaosa
5 2.61 45 2010/06/18 Theoretical study of the dynamics of magnetization on the topological surface T. Yokoyama, J. Zang, N. Nagaosa
6 2.56 68 2011/06/23 Topology of Andreev bound states with flat dispersion M. Sato, Y. Tanaka, K. Yada, T. Yokoyama
7 2.13 77 2009/02/10 Theory of topological spin current in noncentrosymmetric superconductors Y. Tanaka, T. Yokoyama, A. V. Balatsky, N. Nagaosa
8 1.65 25 2014/05/08 Anomalous Josephson effect induced by spin-orbit interaction and Zeeman effect in semiconductor nanowires T. Yokoyama, M. Eto, Y. V. Nazarov
9 1.44 35 2009/04/21 Giant Spin Rotation in the Junction between a Normal Metal and a Quantum Spin Hall System T. Yokoyama, Y. Tanaka, N. Nagaosa
10 1.22 43 2011/02/11 Surface density of states and topological edge states in noncentrosymmetric superconductors K. Yada, M. Sato, Y. Tanaka, T. Yokoyama
11 0.91 33 2010/05/24 Interplay between superconductivity and ferromagnetism on a topological insulator J. Linder, Y. Tanaka, T. Yokoyama, A. Sudbø, N. Nagaosa
12 0.81 13 2013/06/26 Controllable valley and spin transport in ferromagnetic silicene junctions T. Yokoyama
13 0.71 45 2010/08/23 Anomalous Andreev Bound State in Noncentrosymmetric Superconductors Y. Tanaka, Y. Mizuno, T. Yokoyama, K. Yada, M. Sato
14 0.70 14 2003/02/10 Adsorption of Thiolates to Singly Coordinated Sites on Au(111) Evidenced by Photoelectron Diffraction H. Kondoh, M. Iwasaki, T. Shimada, K. Amemiya, T. Yokoyama, T. Ohta, M. Shimomura, S. Kono
15 0.56 46 2007/04/12 Manifestation of the odd-frequency spin-triplet pairing state in diffusive ferromagnet/superconductor junctions T. Yokoyama, Y. Tanaka, A. A. Golubov
16 0.48 32 2008/05/07 Supercurrent Switch in Graphene π Junctions J. Linder, T. Yokoyama, D. Huertas-Hernando, A. Sudbø
17 0.45 41 2007/07/03 Andreev bound states and tunneling characteristics of a noncentrosymmetric superconductor C. Iniotakis, N. Hayashi, Y. Sawa, T. Yokoyama, U. May, Y. Tanaka, M. Sigrist
18 0.42 31 2000/02/15 Anomalous flipping motions of buckled dimers on the Si(001) surface at 5 K T. Yokoyama, K. Takayanagi
19 0.38 33 2009/03/13 Pairing Symmetry Conversion by Spin-Active Interfaces in Magnetic Normal-Metal–Superconductor Junctions J. Linder, T. Yokoyama, A. Sudbø, M. Eschrig
20 0.37 15 1998/10/01 Characterization of magnetic CoFe cyanides by x-ray-absorption fine-structure spectroscopy T. Yokoyama, T. Ohta, O. Sato, K. Hashimoto