Papers by M. J. Gingras

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1 9.61 226 2010/01/26 Magnetic pyrochlore oxides J. S. Gardner, M. J. Gingras, J. E. Greedan
2 6.12 194 1999/02/01 Cooperative Paramagnetism in the Geometrically Frustrated Pyrochlore Antiferromagnet Tb2Ti2O7 J. S. Gardner, S. R. Dunsiger, B. D. Gaulin, M. J. Gingras, J. E. Greedan, R. F. Kiefl, M. D. Lumsden, W. A. Macfarlane, N. P. Raju, ..., Z. Tun
3 3.67 95 2007/04/12 Dynamically Induced Frustration as a Route to a Quantum Spin Ice State in Tb2Ti2O7 via Virtual Crystal Field Excitations and Quantum Many-Body Effects H. R. Molavian, M. J. Gingras, B. Canals
4 3.08 147 2000/04/10 Dipolar Interactions and Origin of Spin Ice in Ising Pyrochlore Magnets B. C. Den Hertog, M. J. Gingras
5 2.39 25 2013/10/03 Ground state phase diagram of generic XY pyrochlore magnets with quantum fluctuations A. W. Wong, Z. Hao, M. J. Gingras
6 2.39 59 2002/01/08 Magnetic anisotropy of the spin-ice compound Dy2Ti2O7 H. Fukazawa, R. G. Melko, R. Higashinaka, Y. Maeno, M. J. Gingras
7 2.36 89 2000/09/01 Thermodynamic and single-ion properties of Tb3+ within the collective paramagnetic-spin liquid state of the frustrated pyrochlore antiferromagnet Tb2Ti2O7 M. J. Gingras, B. C. Den Hertog, M. Faucher, J. S. Gardner, S. R. Dunsiger, L. J. Chang, B. D. Gaulin, N. P. Raju, J. E. Greedan
8 2.24 58 1999/06/01 Transition to long-range magnetic order in the highly frustrated insulating pyrochlore antiferromagnet Gd2Ti2O7 N. P. Raju, M. Dion, M. J. Gingras, T. E. Mason, J. E. Greedan
9 2.21 83 1997/02/03 Static Critical Behavior of the Spin-Freezing Transition in the Geometrically Frustrated Pyrochlore Antiferromagnet Y2Mo2O7 M. J. Gingras, C. V. Stager, N. P. Raju, B. D. Gaulin, J. E. Greedan
10 2.07 1 2016/11/09 Color ice states, weathervane modes, and order by disorder in the bilinear-biquadratic pyrochlore Heisenberg antiferromagnet Y. Wan, M. J. Gingras
11 2.05 89 2001/07/10 Spin Correlations in Ho2Ti2O7: A Dipolar Spin Ice System S. T. Bramwell, M. J. Harris, B. C. Den Hertog, M. J. Gingras, J. S. Gardner, D. F. Mcmorrow, A. R. Wildes, A. L. Cornelius, J. D. Champion, ..., T. Fennell
12 1.66 40 2012/08/28 Vindication of Yb2Ti2O7 as a Model Exchange Quantum Spin Ice R. Applegate, N. R. Hayre, R. R. Singh, T. Lin, A. G. Day, M. J. Gingras
13 1.63 72 2001/07/20 Long-Range Order at Low Temperatures in Dipolar Spin Ice R. G. Melko, B. C. Den Hertog, M. J. Gingras
14 1.57 10 2015/10/19 Magnitude of quantum effects in classical spin ices J. G. Rau, M. J. Gingras
15 1.56 107 1996/06/01 Topological defects in the random-field XY model and the pinned vortex lattice to vortex glass transition in type-II superconductors M. J. Gingras, D. A. Huse
16 1.47 19 2011/11/11 Spin Ice: Magnetic Excitations without Monopole Signatures Using Muon Spin Rotation S. R. Dunsiger, A. A. Aczel, C. Arguello, H. Dabkowska, A. Dabkowski, M. H. Du, T. Goko, B. Javanparast, T. Lin, ..., G. M. Luke
17 1.37 7 2015/12/29 Are Multiphase Competition and Order by Disorder the Keys to Understanding Yb2Ti2O7? L. D. Jaubert, O. Benton, J. G. Rau, J. Oitmaa, R. R. Singh, N. Shannon, M. J. Gingras
18 1.29 19 2013/12/03 Phase transition and thermal order-by-disorder in the pyrochlore antiferromagnet Er2Ti2O7: A high-temperature series expansion study J. Oitmaa, R. R. Singh, B. Javanparast, A. G. Day, B. V. Bagheri, M. J. Gingras
19 1.22 53 1996/10/01 Muon spin relaxation investigation of the spin dynamics of geometrically frustrated antiferromagnets Y2Mo2O7 and Tb2Mo2O7 S. R. Dunsiger, R. F. Kiefl, K. H. Chow, B. D. Gaulin, M. J. Gingras, J. E. Greedan, A. Keren, K. Kojima, G. M. Luke, ..., W. D. Wu
20 1.12 36 2004/11/16 Theory of paramagnetic scattering in highly frustrated magnets with long-range dipole-dipole interactions: The case of the Tb2Ti2O7 pyrochlore antiferromagnet M. Enjalran, M. J. Gingras