Papers by H. W. Zandbergen

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 7.89 162 2010/02/01 Superconductivity in CuxBi2Se3 and its Implications for Pairing in the Undoped Topological Insulator Y. S. Hor, A. J. Williams, J. G. Checkelsky, P. Roushan, J. Seo, Q. Xu, H. W. Zandbergen, A. Yazdani, N. P. Ong, ..., R. J. Cava
2 6.04 201 2004/06/14 Charge Ordering, Commensurability, and Metallicity in the Phase Diagram of the Layered NaxCoO2 M. L. Foo, Y. Wang, S. Watauchi, H. W. Zandbergen, T. He, R. J. Cava, N. P. Ong
3 2.50 89 2004/03/24 Superlubricity of Graphite M. Dienwiebel, G. S. Verhoeven, N. Pradeep, J. W. Frenken, J. A. Heimberg, H. W. Zandbergen
4 2.43 25 2005/05/06 Translocation of double-strand DNA through a silicon oxide nanopore A. J. Storm, J. H. Chen, H. W. Zandbergen, C. Dekker
5 2.03 49 2004/11/15 Coupling between electronic and structural degrees of freedom in the triangular lattice conductor NaxCoO2 Q. Huang, M. L. Foo, R. A. Pascal, J. W. Lynn, B. H. Toby, T. He, H. W. Zandbergen, R. J. Cava
6 1.92 80 2004/07/02 Sodium ion ordering in NaxCoO2: Electron diffraction study H. W. Zandbergen, M. Foo, Q. Xu, V. Kumar, R. J. Cava
7 0.15 19 2006/12/05 Superconductivity in noncentrosymmetric Mg10Ir19B16 T. Klimczuk, Q. Xu, E. Morosan, J. D. Thompson, H. W. Zandbergen, R. J. Cava
8 0.10 11 2007/03/01 Sharp switching of the magnetization in Fe14TaS2 E. Morosan, H. W. Zandbergen, L. Li, M. Lee, J. G. Checkelsky, M. Heinrich, T. Siegrist, N. P. Ong, R. J. Cava
9 0.03 12 2008/09/18 Tuning the charge density wave and superconductivity in CuxTaS2 K. E. Wagner, E. Morosan, Y. S. Hor, J. Tao, Y. Zhu, T. Sanders, T. M. Mcqueen, H. W. Zandbergen, A. J. Williams, ..., R. J. Cava
10 -0.00 10 1999/10/01 Magnetoresistance and atomic structure of ultrathin films of La0.73Ca0.27MnO3 on SrTiO3 H. W. Zandbergen, S. Freisem, T. Nojima, J. Aarts
11 -0.03 13 2006/05/02 Crystal structure and elementary properties of NaxCoO2 (x=0.32, 0.51, 0.6, 0.75, and 0.92) in the three-layer NaCoO2 family L. Viciu, J. W. Bos, H. W. Zandbergen, Q. Huang, M. L. Foo, S. Ishiwata, A. P. Ramirez, M. Lee, N. P. Ong, ..., R. J. Cava
12 -0.11 4 1995/09/01 Growth mechanisms of coevaporated SmBa2Cu3Oy thin films B. Stäuble-Pümpin, V. C. Matijasevic, B. Ilge, J. E. Mooij, W. J. Peterse, P. M. Scholte, F. Tuinstra, H. J. Venvik, D. S. Wai, ..., H. W. Zandbergen
13 -0.12 6 2009/12/22 Structural, electronic, and magnetic properties of iron carbide Fe7C3 phases from first-principles theory C. M. Fang, M. A. Van Huis, H. W. Zandbergen
14 -0.13 7 2010/07/30 Origin of Predominance of Cementite among Iron Carbides in Steel at Elevated Temperature C. M. Fang, M. H. Sluiter, M. A. Van Huis, C. K. Ande, H. W. Zandbergen
15 -0.15 8 2009/06/15 Insulator to correlated metal transition in V1xMoxO2 K. L. Holman, T. M. Mcqueen, A. J. Williams, T. Klimczuk, P. W. Stephens, H. W. Zandbergen, Q. Xu, F. Ronning, R. J. Cava
16 -0.15 7 2007/08/17 Structural disorder and properties of the stuffed pyrochlore Ho2TiO5 G. C. Lau, R. S. Freitas, B. G. Ueland, M. L. Dahlberg, Q. Huang, H. W. Zandbergen, P. Schiffer, R. J. Cava
17 -0.21 8 1996/10/01 Superconducting properties of La3Ni2B2N3-δ H. Michor, R. Krendelsberger, G. Hilscher, E. Bauer, C. Dusek, R. Hauser, L. Naber, D. Werner, P. Rogl, ..., H. W. Zandbergen
18 -0.23 6 2007/05/07 Structures and thermoelectric properties of the infinitely adaptive series (Bi2)m(Bi2Te3)n J. W. Bos, H. W. Zandbergen, M. H. Lee, N. P. Ong, R. J. Cava
19 -0.28 11 2004/05/14 Changes in the electronic structure of cerium due to variations in close packing K. T. Moore, B. W. Chung, S. A. Morton, A. J. Schwartz, J. G. Tobin, S. Lazar, F. D. Tichelaar, H. W. Zandbergen, P. Söderlind, ..., G. Van Der Laan
20 -0.28 2 1997/02/15 Thin films of the charge-density-wave oxide Rb0.30MoO3 by pulsed-laser deposition O. C. Mantel, H. S. Van Der Zant, A. J. Steinfort, C. Dekker, C. Træholt, H. W. Zandbergen