Papers by X. Dai

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21 3.72 32 2014/01/15 Transition-Metal Pentatelluride ZrTe5 and HfTe5: A Paradigm for Large-Gap Quantum Spin Hall Insulators H. Weng, X. Dai, Z. Fang
22 3.68 29 2014/01/07 Topological Crystalline Kondo Insulator in Mixed Valence Ytterbium Borides H. Weng, J. Zhao, Z. Wang, Z. Fang, X. Dai
23 3.66 61 2012/06/27 Multi-Weyl Topological Semimetals Stabilized by Point Group Symmetry C. Fang, M. J. Gilbert, X. Dai, B. A. Bernevig
24 3.57 203 2004/05/03 Measurement of the Total Active B8 Solar Neutrino Flux at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory with Enhanced Neutral Current Sensitivity S. N. Ahmed, A. E. Anthony, E. W. Beier, A. Bellerive, S. D. Biller, J. Boger, M. G. Boulay, M. G. Bowler, T. J. Bowles, ..., SNO Collaboration
25 3.47 79 2010/08/09 Landau Quantization of Topological Surface States in Bi2Se3 P. Cheng, C. Song, T. Zhang, Y. Zhang, Y. Wang, J. F. Jia, J. Wang, Y. Wang, B. F. Zhu, ..., Q. K. Xue
26 3.22 91 2011/05/03 Absence of a Holelike Fermi Surface for the Iron-Based K0.8Fe1.7Se2 Superconductor Revealed by Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy T. Qian, X. P. Wang, W. C. Jin, P. Zhang, P. Richard, G. Xu, X. Dai, Z. Fang, J. G. Guo, ..., H. Ding
27 3.04 12 2015/11/16 Observation of Fermi-Arc Spin Texture in TaAs B. Q. Lv, S. Muff, T. Qian, Z. D. Song, S. M. Nie, N. Xu, P. Richard, C. E. Matt, N. C. Plumb, ..., H. Ding
28 2.87 147 2005/11/30 Electron energy spectra, fluxes, and day-night asymmetries of 8B solar neutrinos from measurements with NaCl dissolved in the heavy-water detector at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory B. Aharmim, S. N. Ahmed, A. E. Anthony, E. W. Beier, A. Bellerive, M. Bergevin, S. D. Biller, J. Boger, M. G. Boulay, ..., SNO Collaboration
29 2.51 39 2009/08/13 Electronic structures and surface states of the topological insulator Bi1xSbx H. J. Zhang, C. X. Liu, X. L. Qi, X. Y. Deng, X. Dai, S. C. Zhang, Z. Fang
30 2.30 36 2012/01/19 Crossover between Weak Antilocalization and Weak Localization in a Magnetically Doped Topological Insulator M. Liu, J. Zhang, C. Z. Chang, Z. Zhang, X. Feng, K. Li, K. He, L. L. Wang, X. Chen, ..., Y. Wang
31 2.28 61 2011/08/08 Equivalent expression of Z2 topological invariant for band insulators using the non-Abelian Berry connection R. Yu, X. L. Qi, A. Bernevig, Z. Fang, X. Dai
32 2.12 25 2011/04/14 Topological Aspect and Quantum Magnetoresistance of β-Ag2Te W. Zhang, R. Yu, W. Feng, Y. Yao, H. Weng, X. Dai, Z. Fang
33 1.98 67 2009/03/23 Orbital-Selective Mott Transition out of Band Degeneracy Lifting L. De' Medici, S. R. Hassan, M. Capone, X. Dai
34 1.62 14 2015/08/19 Large linear magnetoresistance in Dirac semimetal Cd3As2 with Fermi surfaces close to the Dirac points J. Feng, Y. Pang, D. Wu, Z. Wang, H. Weng, J. Li, X. Dai, Z. Fang, Y. Shi, ..., L. Lu
35 1.54 35 2011/03/16 Electron-hole asymmetry in the superconductivity of doped BaFe2As2 seen via the rigid chemical-potential shift in photoemission M. Neupane, P. Richard, Y. M. Xu, K. Nakayama, T. Sato, T. Takahashi, A. V. Federov, G. Xu, X. Dai, ..., H. Ding
36 1.46 20 2013/08/01 Combined analysis of all three phases of solar neutrino data from the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory B. Aharmim, S. N. Ahmed, A. E. Anthony, N. Barros, E. W. Beier, A. Bellerive, B. Beltran, M. Bergevin, S. D. Biller, ..., SNO Collaboration
37 1.41 6 2015/11/24 Two-dimensional oxide topological insulator with iron-pnictide superconductor LiFeAs structure Q. Xu, Z. Song, S. Nie, H. Weng, Z. Fang, X. Dai
38 1.40 3 2016/05/10 Evidence for Topological Edge States in a Large Energy Gap near the Step Edges on the Surface of ZrTe5 R. Wu, J. Z. Ma, S. M. Nie, L. X. Zhao, X. Huang, J. X. Yin, B. B. Fu, P. Richard, G. F. Chen, ..., S. H. Pan
39 1.14 4 2016/06/23 Topological semimetals with triply degenerate nodal points in θ-phase tantalum nitride H. Weng, C. Fang, Z. Fang, X. Dai
40 1.13 22 2012/03/06 Isotropic superconducting gaps with enhanced pairing on electron Fermi surfaces in FeTe0.55Se0.45 H. Miao, P. Richard, Y. Tanaka, K. Nakayama, T. Qian, K. Umezawa, T. Sato, Y. M. Xu, Y. B. Shi, ..., H. Ding