Papers by X. Dai

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61 0.06 6 2010/08/13 Time delay in Swiss cheese gravitational lensing B. Chen, R. Kantowski, X. Dai
62 0.01 8 2011/03/23 Exciton-exciton and exciton-phonon interactions in an interfacial GaAs quantum dot ensemble G. Moody, M. E. Siemens, A. D. Bristow, X. Dai, D. Karaiskaj, A. S. Bracker, D. Gammon, S. T. Cundi
63 -0.00 12 2009/04/24 Polarization dependence of semiconductor exciton and biexciton contributions to phase-resolved optical two-dimensional Fourier-transform spectra A. D. Bristow, D. Karaiskaj, X. Dai, R. P. Mirin, S. T. Cundi
64 -0.02 16 2009/08/25 Observation of a Novel Orbital Selective Mott Transition in Ca1.8Sr0.2RuO4 M. Neupane, P. Richard, Z. H. Pan, Y. M. Xu, R. Jin, D. Mandrus, X. Dai, Z. Fang, Z. Wang, ..., H. Ding
65 -0.02 4 2011/10/10 Gravitational lens equation for embedded lenses; magnification and ellipticity B. Chen, R. Kantowski, X. Dai
66 -0.03 2 2016/04/18 Detecting monopole charge in Weyl semimetals via quantum interference transport X. Dai, H. Z. Lu, S. Q. Shen, H. Yao
67 -0.04 5 2010/11/03 Two-dimensional Fourier-transform spectroscopy of potassium vapor X. Dai, A. D. Bristow, D. Karaiskaj, S. T. Cundi
68 -0.04 9 2011/06/27 Exciton relaxation and coupling dynamics in a GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs quantum well and quantum dot ensemble G. Moody, M. E. Siemens, A. D. Bristow, X. Dai, A. S. Bracker, D. Gammon, S. T. Cundi
69 -0.05 3 2014/12/29 Topological insulator to Dirac semimetal transition driven by sign change of spin-orbit coupling in thallium nitride X. L. Sheng, Z. Wang, R. Yu, H. Weng, Z. Fang, X. Dai
70 -0.05 7 2010/10/07 Valence change of europium in EuFe2As1.4P0.6 and compressed EuFe2As2 and its relation to superconductivity L. Sun, J. Guo, G. Chen, X. Chen, X. Dong, W. Lu, C. Zhang, Z. Jiang, Y. Zou, ..., Z. Zhao
71 -0.06 12 2007/03/27 Theoretical models for ultrashort electromagnetic pulse propagation in nonlinear metamaterials S. Wen, Y. Xiang, X. Dai, Z. Tang, W. Su, D. Fan
72 -0.06 7 2013/07/22 Parallel field magnetoresistance in topological insulator thin films C. J. Lin, X. Y. He, J. Liao, X. X. Wang, V. S. Iv, W. M. Yang, T. Guan, Q. M. Zhang, L. Gu, ..., Y. Q. Li
73 -0.06 10 2005/09/30 Search for periodicities in the B8 solar neutrino flux measured by the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory B. Aharmim, S. N. Ahmed, A. E. Anthony, E. W. Beier, A. Bellerive, M. Bergevin, S. D. Biller, M. G. Boulay, M. G. Bowler, ..., SNO Collaboration
74 -0.06 0 2016/12/21 Detecting the chiral magnetic effect by lattice dynamics in Weyl semimetals Z. Song, J. Zhao, Z. Fang, X. Dai
75 -0.07 3 2012/08/15 Image properties of embedded lenses R. Kantowski, B. Chen, X. Dai
76 -0.07 19 2008/08/06 Phase Diagram of NaxCoO2 Studied By Gutzwiller Density-Functional Theory G. T. Wang, X. Dai, Z. Fang
77 -0.07 5 2010/11/08 Modulation instability in nonlinear oppositely directed coupler with a negative-index metamaterial channel Y. Xiang, S. Wen, X. Dai, D. Fan
78 -0.08 5 2014/04/21 Orbital-dependent electronic masses in Ce heavy-fermion materials studied via Gutzwiller density-functional theory R. Dong, X. Wan, X. Dai, S. Y. Savrasov
79 -0.10 0 2016/12/09 Sign reversal of magnetoresistance in a perovskite nickelate by electron doping K. Ramadoss, N. Mandal, X. Dai, Z. Wan, Y. Zhou, L. Rokhinson, Y. P. Chen, J. Hu, S. Ramanathan
80 -0.10 2 2013/10/01 Fermat’s least-time principle and the embedded transparent lens R. Kantowski, B. Chen, X. Dai