Papers by X. F. Wu

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 4.14 7 2015/12/23 Testing Einstein’s Equivalence Principle With Fast Radio Bursts J. J. Wei, H. Gao, X. F. Wu, P. Mészáros
2 3.26 4 2016/07/29 Testing Einstein’s weak equivalence principle with gravitational waves X. F. Wu, H. Gao, J. J. Wei, P. Mészáros, B. Zhang, Z. G. Dai, S. N. Zhang, Z. H. Zhu
3 0.06 3 2013/09/23 Signature of gravitational wave radiation in afterglows of short gamma-ray bursts? Y. Z. Fan, X. F. Wu, D. M. Wei
4 -0.23 4 2008/03/26 Phase-field modeling of the formation of lamellar nanostructures in diblock copolymer thin films under inplanar electric fields X. F. Wu, Y. A. Dzenis
5 -0.35 2 2008/12/31 Rippling of polymer nanofibers X. F. Wu, Y. Y. Kostogorova-Beller, A. V. Goponenko, H. Hou, Y. A. Dzenis
6 -0.35 0 1990/04/01 Preparation process, crystal structure, and physical properties of the 110-K single-phase Pb-Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O superconductor F. Shi, T. S. Rong, S. Z. Zhou, X. F. Wu, J. Du, Z. H. Shi, C. G. Cui, R. Y. Jin, J. L. Zhang, ..., N. C. Shi
7 -0.37 3 2013/08/23 Possible high-energy neutrino and photon signals from gravitational wave bursts due to double neutron star mergers H. Gao, B. Zhang, X. F. Wu, Z. G. Dai
8 -0.50 2 2000/09/01 Numerical calculation of the dip effect in high-Tc single crystals from bulk pinning P. Zhang, S. Y. Ding, X. F. Wu, L. Qiu, Z. H. Wang, C. Ren, S. A. Aruna, X. X. Yao, J. Shi
9 -0.52 0 2013/10/28 Multimode Plasmon Excitation and In Situ Analysis in Top-Down Fabricated Nanocircuits P. Geisler, G. Razinskas, E. Krauss, X. F. Wu, C. Rewitz, P. Tuchscherer, S. Goetz, C. B. Huang, T. Brixner, ..., B. Hecht
10 -0.53 0 2009/04/30 Erratum: Rippling of polymer nanofibers [Phys. Rev. E 78, 061804 (2008)] X. F. Wu, Y. Y. Kostogorova-Beller, A. V. Goponenko, H. Hou, Y. A. Dzenis
11 -0.57 0 2010/09/14 Confined Three-Dimensional Plasmon Modes inside a Ring-Shaped Nanocavity on a Silver Film Imaged by Cathodoluminescence Microscopy X. L. Zhu, Y. Ma, J. S. Zhang, J. Xu, X. F. Wu, Y. Zhang, X. B. Han, Q. Fu, Z. M. Liao, ..., D. P. Yu