Papers by I. R. Klebanov

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 3.16 8 2011/02/02 Multimatrix models and tri-Sasaki Einstein spaces C. P. Herzog, I. R. Klebanov, S. S. Pufu, T. Tesileanu
2 3.12 78 1996/09/15 Entropy and temperature of black 3-branes S. S. Gubser, I. R. Klebanov, A. W. Peet
3 2.36 14 2014/07/14 Critical O(N) models in 6ε dimensions L. Fei, S. Giombi, I. R. Klebanov
4 2.17 22 1998/11/20 Baryons and domain walls in an N=1 superconformal gauge theory S. S. Gubser, I. R. Klebanov
5 1.20 4 2014/07/18 Partition functions and Casimir energies in higher spin AdSd+1/CFTd S. Giombi, I. R. Klebanov, A. A. Tseytlin
6 1.05 9 2015/02/10 Three loop analysis of the critical O(N) models in 6ε dimensions L. Fei, S. Giombi, I. R. Klebanov, G. Tarnopolsky
7 1.04 38 1993/11/15 (1+1)-dimensional large-N QCD coupled to adjoint fermions G. Bhanot, K. Demeterfi, I. R. Klebanov
8 0.95 13 2007/03/30 Test of the Anti–de Sitter-Space/Conformal-Field-Theory Correspondence Using High-Spin Operators M. K. Benna, S. Benvenuti, I. R. Klebanov, A. Scardicchio
9 0.74 29 2007/10/01 A Delicate Universe: Compactification Obstacles to D-brane Inflation D. Baumann, A. Dymarsky, I. R. Klebanov, L. Mcallister, P. J. Steinhardt
10 0.58 7 2014/04/01 Higher spin AdSd+1/CFTd at one loop S. Giombi, I. R. Klebanov, B. R. Safdi
11 0.53 23 1998/01/12 Schwarzschild Black Holes from Matrix Theory T. Banks, W. Fischler, I. R. Klebanov, L. Susskind
12 0.52 17 1996/11/25 Four-Dimensional Greybody Factors and the Effective String S. S. Gubser, I. R. Klebanov
13 0.41 6 2012/09/06 Strange metals in one spatial dimension R. Gopakumar, A. Hashimoto, I. R. Klebanov, S. Sachdev, K. Schoutens
14 0.38 7 1997/09/15 Creation of Fundamental Strings by Crossing Dirichlet Branes U. Danielsson, G. Ferretti, I. R. Klebanov
15 0.32 42 1993/03/15 String spectrum of (1 + 1)-dimensional large-N QCD with adjoint matter S. Dalley, I. R. Klebanov
16 0.22 13 2002/04/24 Gravity dual of the chiral anomaly I. R. Klebanov, P. Ouyang, E. Witten
17 0.16 10 1994/11/01 Hyperfine splittings of strange baryons in the Skyrme model K. M. Westerberg, I. R. Klebanov
18 0.13 5 2010/06/14 Membranes with topological charge and AdS4/CFT3 correspondence I. R. Klebanov, S. S. Pufu, T. Tesileanu
19 0.10 6 1993/11/15 Gravitational dressing of the renormalization group I. R. Klebanov, I. I. Kogan, A. M. Polyakov
20 0.05 15 1998/05/15 Spectrum of a large N gauge theory near the transition from confinement to screening D. J. Gross, A. Hashimoto, I. R. Klebanov