Papers by F. Von Oppen

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 20.96 640 2010/10/20 Helical Liquids and Majorana Bound States in Quantum Wires Y. Oreg, G. Refael, F. Von Oppen
2 6.08 78 2004/11/23 Geometric phases and quantum entanglement as building blocks for non-Abelian quasiparticle statistics A. Stern, F. Von Oppen, E. Mariani
3 5.93 158 2005/05/24 Franck-Condon Blockade and Giant Fano Factors in Transport through Single Molecules J. Koch, F. Von Oppen
4 5.67 71 2013/10/15 Topological superconducting phase in helical Shiba chains F. Pientka, L. I. Glazman, F. Von Oppen
5 4.32 69 2008/02/20 Flexural Phonons in Free-Standing Graphene E. Mariani, F. Von Oppen
6 4.17 61 2012/04/11 Inelastic Electron Backscattering in a Generic Helical Edge Channel T. L. Schmidt, S. Rachel, F. Von Oppen, L. I. Glazman
7 2.26 47 2012/04/02 Adiabatic manipulations of Majorana fermions in a three-dimensional network of quantum wires B. I. Halperin, Y. Oreg, A. Stern, G. Refael, J. Alicea, F. Von Oppen
8 2.07 62 2004/11/12 Thermopower of single-molecule devices J. Koch, F. Von Oppen, Y. Oreg, E. Sela
9 1.96 49 2011/10/31 Topological superconducting phases in disordered quantum wires with strong spin-orbit coupling P. W. Brouwer, M. Duckheim, A. Romito, F. Von Oppen
10 1.85 33 2012/11/29 Enhanced Zero-Bias Majorana Peak in the Differential Tunneling Conductance of Disordered Multisubband Quantum-Wire/Superconductor Junctions F. Pientka, G. Kells, A. Romito, P. W. Brouwer, F. Von Oppen
11 1.68 48 2011/11/01 Probability Distribution of Majorana End-State Energies in Disordered Wires P. W. Brouwer, M. Duckheim, A. Romito, F. Von Oppen
12 1.37 37 2011/11/28 Unconventional Josephson Signatures of Majorana Bound States L. Jiang, D. Pekker, J. Alicea, G. Refael, Y. Oreg, F. Von Oppen
13 1.27 45 2002/09/05 Correlated Defects, Metal-Insulator Transition, and Magnetic Order in Ferromagnetic Semiconductors C. Timm, F. Schäfer, F. Von Oppen
14 1.24 69 2006/11/30 Theory of the Franck-Condon blockade regime J. Koch, F. Von Oppen, A. V. Andreev
15 1.21 102 1991/01/07 Average persistent current in a mesoscopic ring F. Von Oppen, E. K. Riedel
16 1.11 27 2012/01/06 Manipulating Majorana fermions using supercurrents A. Romito, J. Alicea, G. Refael, F. Von Oppen
17 0.96 25 2011/07/11 Scattering Theory of Current-Induced Forces in Mesoscopic Systems N. Bode, S. V. Kusminskiy, R. Egger, F. Von Oppen
18 0.77 16 2010/01/21 Signatures of critical full counting statistics in a quantum-dot chain T. Karzig, F. Von Oppen
19 0.70 40 2006/02/09 Pair Tunneling through Single Molecules J. Koch, M. E. Raikh, F. Von Oppen
20 0.62 11 2013/08/30 Photocurrent response of topological insulator surface states A. Junck, G. Refael, F. Von Oppen