Papers by A. Furusaki

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 15.34 677 2008/11/26 Classification of topological insulators and superconductors in three spatial dimensions A. P. Schnyder, S. Ryu, A. Furusaki, A. W. Ludwig
2 2.37 131 1993/02/15 Single-barrier problem and Anderson localization in a one-dimensional interacting electron system A. Furusaki, N. Nagaosa
3 2.36 52 2013/09/20 Topological classification with additional symmetries from Clifford algebras T. Morimoto, A. Furusaki
4 2.28 42 2007/08/01 Two-dimensional spin-filtered chiral network model for the Z2 quantum spin-Hall effect H. Obuse, A. Furusaki, S. Ryu, C. Mudry
5 1.97 52 2007/09/11 Z2 Topological Term, the Global Anomaly, and the Two-Dimensional Symplectic Symmetry Class of Anderson Localization S. Ryu, C. Mudry, H. Obuse, A. Furusaki
6 1.64 81 2008/10/06 Vector chiral and multipolar orders in the spin-12 frustrated ferromagnetic chain in magnetic field T. Hikihara, L. Kecke, T. Momoi, A. Furusaki
7 1.45 49 2011/06/09 Conductance of a Helical Edge Liquid Coupled to a Magnetic Impurity Y. Tanaka, A. Furusaki, K. A. Matveev
8 1.23 79 1994/02/07 Kondo effect in a Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid A. Furusaki, N. Nagaosa
9 1.23 28 2012/01/12 Cross-Correlated Responses of Topological Superconductors and Superfluids K. Nomura, S. Ryu, A. Furusaki, N. Nagaosa
10 0.97 75 1993/02/15 Resonant tunneling in a Luttinger liquid A. Furusaki, N. Nagaosa
11 0.94 33 2007/05/30 Landauer conductance and twisted boundary conditions for Dirac fermions in two space dimensions S. Ryu, C. Mudry, A. Furusaki, A. W. Ludwig
12 0.88 48 1991/07/01 Theory of quantum conduction of supercurrent through a constriction A. Furusaki, H. Takayanagi, M. Tsukada
13 0.84 10 2015/08/21 Evidence for Time-Reversal Symmetry Breaking of the Superconducting State near Twin-Boundary Interfaces in FeSe Revealed by Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy T. Watashige, Y. Tsutsumi, T. Hanaguri, Y. Kohsaka, S. Kasahara, A. Furusaki, M. Sigrist, C. Meingast, T. Wolf, ..., Y. Matsuda
14 0.73 8 2015/09/01 Breakdown of the topological classification Z for gapped phases of noninteracting fermions by quartic interactions T. Morimoto, A. Furusaki, C. Mudry
15 0.69 44 1995/07/24 Coulomb Blockade Oscillations of Conductance in the Regime of Strong Tunneling A. Furusaki, K. A. Matveev
16 0.63 47 2001/07/12 Spontaneous Hall effect in a chiral p-wave superconductor A. Furusaki, M. Matsumoto, M. Sigrist
17 0.57 38 1992/05/01 Josephson effect of the superconducting quantum point contact A. Furusaki, H. Takayanagi, M. Tsukada
18 0.57 38 2007/08/23 Multimagnon bound states in the frustrated ferromagnetic one-dimensional chain L. Kecke, T. Momoi, A. Furusaki
19 0.54 43 2002/01/16 Phase Diagram of the One-Dimensional Extended Hubbard Model at Half Filling M. Tsuchiizu, A. Furusaki
20 0.53 7 2015/10/20 Topological charges of three-dimensional Dirac semimetals with rotation symmetry B. J. Yang, T. Morimoto, A. Furusaki