Papers by A. Furusaki

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
81 -0.48 2 2001/03/12 Erratum: Crossover from the chiral to the standard universality classes in the conductance of a quantum wire with random hopping only [Phys. Rev. B 62, 8249 (2000)] C. Mudry, P. W. Brouwer, A. Furusaki
82 -0.50 5 2012/06/08 Global phase diagram of two-dimensional Dirac fermions in random potentials S. Ryu, C. Mudry, A. W. Ludwig, A. Furusaki
83 -0.52 0 1992/05/01 Semiclassical theory of small Josephson junctions: Solution of the master equation A. Furusaki, M. Ueda
84 -0.53 0 2007/08/29 Publisher's Note: Multimagnon bound states in the frustrated ferromagnetic one-dimensional chain [Phys. Rev. B 76, 060407 (2007)] L. Kecke, T. Momoi, A. Furusaki
85 -0.54 1 2004/11/18 Crossover of conductance and local density of states in a single-channel disordered quantum wire S. Ryu, C. Mudry, A. Furusaki
86 -0.57 0 2012/04/11 Time-reversal symmetric Kitaev model and topological superconductor in two dimensions R. Nakai, S. Ryu, A. Furusaki
87 -0.57 1 2004/11/12 Erratum: Boundary contributions to specific heat and susceptibility in the spin-12 XXZ chain [Phys. Rev. B 69, 094429 (2004)] A. Furusaki, T. Hikihara
88 -0.64 0 2013/10/16 Composite pairing and superfluidity in a one-dimensional resonant Bose-Fermi mixture S. Akhanjee, M. Tsuchiizu, A. Furusaki