Papers by K. Lu

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 0.72 16 2005/12/12 Dynamics of a projectile penetrating in granular systems M. Hou, Z. Peng, R. Liu, K. Lu, C. K. Chan
2 0.70 28 2003/07/03 Effects of Air on the Segregation of Particles in a Shaken Granular Bed X. Yan, Q. Shi, M. Hou, K. Lu, C. K. Chan
3 0.55 36 2001/07/12 Melting Mechanisms at the Limit of Superheating Z. H. Jin, P. Gumbsch, K. Lu, E. Ma
4 0.50 23 1998/05/18 Homogeneous Nucleation Catastrophe as a Kinetic Stability Limit for Superheated Crystal K. Lu, Y. Li
5 0.16 13 2008/02/12 Temperature Oscillations in a Compartmentalized Bidisperse Granular Gas M. Hou, H. Tu, R. Liu, Y. Li, K. Lu, P. Y. Lai, C. K. Chan
6 -0.08 7 1991/04/15 Noncubic symmetry in garnet structures studied using extended x-ray-absorption fine-structure spectra J. Dong, K. Lu
7 -0.10 14 2000/08/14 Superheating of Confined Pb Thin Films L. Zhang, Z. H. Jin, L. H. Zhang, M. L. Sui, K. Lu
8 -0.12 7 2009/08/05 Depth dependence of vertical plunging force in granular medium Z. Peng, X. Xu, K. Lu, M. Hou
9 -0.14 6 1996/09/01 Heat-capacity comparison among the nanocrystalline, amorphous, and coarse-grained polycrystalline states in element selenium N. X. Sun, K. Lu
10 -0.16 4 1995/12/01 Frequency dependence of electrorheological fluids in an ac electric field K. Lu, W. Wen, C. Li, S. Xie
11 -0.17 9 1997/11/10 Structures of Liquid GaSb and InSb Studied with the Extended X-Ray-Absorption Fine-Structure Method Y. Wang, K. Lu, C. Li
12 -0.17 11 2007/06/08 Density-driven segregation in vertically vibrated binary granular mixtures Q. Shi, G. Sun, M. Hou, K. Lu
13 -0.18 6 2011/03/04 Four-Wave Mixing Dipole Soliton in Laser-Induced Atomic Gratings Y. Zhang, Z. Wang, Z. Nie, C. Li, H. Chen, K. Lu, M. Xiao
14 -0.18 7 1997/03/01 Electric-field-induced diffusion-limited aggregation W. Wen, K. Lu
15 -0.18 8 1999/07/01 Melting of Pb clusters without free surfaces Z. H. Jin, H. W. Sheng, K. Lu
16 -0.19 1 1999/01/15 Electronic structure study of liquid germanium based on x-ray-absorption near-edge structure spectroscopy C. Li, K. Lu, Y. Wang, K. Tamura, S. Hosokawa, M. Inui
17 -0.19 6 2003/11/14 Global Nature of Dilute-to-Dense Transition of Granular Flows in a 2D Channel M. Hou, W. Chen, T. Zhang, K. Lu, C. K. Chan
18 -0.24 8 1993/09/15 Extended x-ray-absorption fine-structure study of GaAsxP1-x semiconducting random solid solutions Z. Wu, K. Lu, Y. Wang, J. Dong, H. Li, C. Li, Z. Fang
19 -0.25 5 1997/12/01 Structure characteristics of nanocrystalline element selenium with different grain sizes Y. H. Zhao, K. Zhang, K. Lu
20 -0.29 4 1997/12/01 Grain-size dependence of thermal properties of nanocrystalline elemental selenium studied by x-ray diffraction Y. H. Zhao, K. Lu