Papers by P. Schwed

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 0.29 27 1948/01/01 Review of a Generalized Electrodynamics B. Podolsky, P. Schwed
2 -0.13 15 1960/10/15 Vacuum Polarization Effects on Energy Levels in μ-Mesonic Atoms R. Glauber, W. Rarita, P. Schwed
3 -0.29 10 1959/08/15 Elastic Nucleon-Deuteron Scattering in a Soluble Model as a Test of the Impulse Approximation T. Fulton, P. Schwed
4 -0.30 5 1958/10/01 Minimum Theorem for the Interaction Radius in Two-Body Collisions W. Rarita, P. Schwed
5 -0.36 0 1954/11/15 New Criterion for Superconductivity in Metals G. Groetzinger, D. Kahn, P. Schwed
6 -0.37 0 1961/04/01 Satellite Determination of Heavy Primary Cosmic-Ray Spectrum M. A. Pomerantz, S. P. Agarwal, P. Schwed, H. Hanson