Papers by F. Piazza

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Rank R(p) Citations Date Title Authors
1 9.44 34 2015/05/27 New Class of Consistent Scalar-Tensor Theories J. Gleyzes, D. Langlois, F. Piazza, F. Vernizzi
2 1.94 70 2002/08/05 Runaway Dilaton and Equivalence Principle Violations T. Damour, F. Piazza, G. Veneziano
3 1.67 61 2002/08/28 Violations of the equivalence principle in a dilaton-runaway scenario T. Damour, F. Piazza, G. Veneziano
4 1.50 3 2016/09/23 Critical relaxation with overdamped quasiparticles in open quantum systems J. Lang, F. Piazza
5 1.45 67 2001/12/21 Quintessence as a runaway dilaton M. Gasperini, F. Piazza, G. Veneziano
6 1.23 22 2014/04/08 Umklapp Superradiance with a Collisionless Quantum Degenerate Fermi Gas F. Piazza, P. Strack
7 0.77 29 2011/01/12 Dynamics of a Tunable Superfluid Junction L. J. Leblanc, A. B. Bardon, J. Mckeever, M. H. Extavour, D. Jervis, J. H. Thywissen, F. Piazza, A. Smerzi
8 0.45 20 2009/11/03 Critical velocity of superfluid flow through single-barrier and periodic potentials G. Watanabe, F. Dalfovo, F. Piazza, L. P. Pitaevskii, S. Stringari
9 0.41 9 2013/01/02 Implications of Relativity on Nonrelativistic Goldstone Theorems: Gapped Excitations at Finite Charge Density A. Nicolis, F. Piazza
10 0.39 22 2009/08/10 Vortex-induced phase-slip dissipation in a toroidal Bose-Einstein condensate flowing through a barrier F. Piazza, L. A. Collins, A. Smerzi
11 0.37 18 2007/06/21 Measuring Deviations from a Cosmological Constant: A Field-Space Parametrization R. Crittenden, E. Majerotto, F. Piazza
12 0.36 8 2010/09/13 Diffusion-Limited Reactions in Crowded Environments N. Dorsaz, C. De Michele, F. Piazza, P. De Los Rios, G. Foffi
13 0.32 10 2014/10/15 Quantum kinetics of ultracold fermions coupled to an optical resonator F. Piazza, P. Strack
14 0.25 6 2015/10/15 Self-Ordered Limit Cycles, Chaos, and Phase Slippage with a Superfluid inside an Optical Resonator F. Piazza, H. Ritsch
15 0.06 4 2016/02/09 Evading the Vainshtein Mechanism with Anomalous Gravitational Wave Speed: Constraints on Modified Gravity from Binary Pulsars J. B. Jiménez, F. Piazza, H. Velten
16 0.02 8 2003/10/02 Model for Gravitational Interaction between Dark Matter and Baryons F. Piazza, C. Marinoni
17 -0.04 14 2008/11/05 Macroscopic superpositions of phase states with Bose-Einstein condensates F. Piazza, L. Pezzé, A. Smerzi
18 -0.04 12 2010/08/18 Bimetric structure formation: Non-Gaussian predictions J. Magueijo, J. Noller, F. Piazza
19 -0.08 4 2010/11/04 Phase estimation with interfering Bose-Einstein-condensed atomic clouds J. Chwedeńczuk, F. Piazza, A. Smerzi
20 -0.09 4 2009/01/15 Renormalized thermal entropy in field theory S. L. Cacciatori, F. Costa, F. Piazza