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Top 50 papers by R(p) from year 2000

Rank R(p) Citations Date Paper Authors
1 28.18 807 2000/10/30 Negative Refraction Makes a Perfect Lens J. B. Pendry
2 23.78 457 2000/05/01 Composite Medium with Simultaneously Negative Permeability and Permittivity D. R. Smith, W. J. Padilla, D. C. Vier, S. C. Nemat-Nasser, S. Schultz
3 21.61 279 2000/12/18 Network Robustness and Fragility: Percolation on Random Graphs D. S. Callaway, M. E. Newman, S. H. Strogatz, D. J. Watts
4 20.76 625 2000/01/31 Vortex Formation in a Stirred Bose-Einstein Condensate K. W. Madison, F. Chevy, W. Wohlleben, J. Dalibard
5 18.62 315 2000/11/20 Resilience of the Internet to Random Breakdowns R. Cohen, K. Erez, D. Ben-Avraham, S. Havlin
6 15.28 350 2000/09/04 Fast Quantum Gates for Neutral Atoms D. Jaksch, J. I. Cirac, P. Zoller, S. L. Rolston, R. Côté, M. D. Lukin
7 14.89 54 2000/08/01 Evolution of networks with aging of sites S. N. Dorogovtsev, J. F. Mendes
8 14.56 293 2000/07/10 Simple Proof of Security of the BB84 Quantum Key Distribution Protocol P. W. Shor, J. Preskill
9 14.45 454 2000/05/29 Dark-State Polaritons in Electromagnetically Induced Transparency M. Fleischhauer, M. D. Lukin
10 14.37 170 2000/11/20 Connectivity of Growing Random Networks P. L. Krapivsky, S. Redner, F. Leyvraz
11 14.07 95 2000/12/11 Topology of Evolving Networks: Local Events and Universality R. Albert, A. L. Barabási
12 13.16 519 2000/04/01 Intense few-cycle laser fields: Frontiers of nonlinear optics T. Brabec, F. Krausz
13 12.29 54 2000/04/03 Mean-Field Solution of the Small-World Network Model M. E. Newman, C. Moore, D. J. Watts
14 11.85 250 2000/02/14 Angle-Resonant Stimulated Polariton Amplifier P. G. Savvidis, J. J. Baumberg, R. M. Stevenson, M. S. Skolnick, D. M. Whittaker, J. S. Roberts
15 11.83 894 2000/04/15 Paired states of fermions in two dimensions with breaking of parity and time-reversal symmetries and the fractional quantum Hall effect N. Read, D. Green
16 11.72 274 2000/09/25 Quantum Interferometric Optical Lithography: Exploiting Entanglement to Beat the Diffraction Limit A. N. Boto, P. Kok, D. S. Abrams, S. L. Braunstein, C. P. Williams, J. P. Dowling
17 11.71 648 2000/11/14 Three qubits can be entangled in two inequivalent ways W. Dür, G. Vidal, J. I. Cirac
18 11.14 104 2000/05/01 Epidemics and percolation in small-world networks C. Moore, M. E. Newman
19 11.13 389 2000/06/22 The Einstein equations on the 3-brane world T. Shiromizu, K. I. Maeda, M. Sasaki
20 11.12 349 2000/08/28 Stable 85Rb Bose-Einstein Condensates with Widely Tunable Interactions S. L. Cornish, N. R. Claussen, J. L. Roberts, E. A. Cornell, C. E. Wieman
21 11.00 220 2000/05/22 Pressure-Induced Superconductivity in Quasi-2D CeRhIn5 H. Hegger, C. Petrovic, E. G. Moshopoulou, M. F. Hundley, J. L. Sarrao, Z. Fisk, J. D. Thompson
22 10.87 189 2000/03/06 Is Random Close Packing of Spheres Well Defined? S. Torquato, T. M. Truskett, P. G. Debenedetti
23 10.87 534 2000/03/20 Inseparability Criterion for Continuous Variable Systems L. M. Duan, G. Giedke, J. I. Cirac, P. Zoller
24 10.55 298 2000/08/15 Fundamental obstacle for electrical spin injection from a ferromagnetic metal into a diffusive semiconductor G. Schmidt, D. Ferrand, L. W. Molenkamp, A. T. Filip, B. J. Van Wees
25 10.36 549 2000/04/10 Distributed entanglement V. Coffman, J. Kundu, W. K. Wootters
26 10.35 108 2000/10/02 Negative Refractive Index in Left-Handed Materials D. R. Smith, N. Kroll
27 10.29 178 2000/10/02 Intense High-Energy Proton Beams from Petawatt-Laser Irradiation of Solids R. A. Snavely, M. H. Key, S. P. Hatchett, T. E. Cowan, M. Roth, T. W. Phillips, M. A. Stoyer, E. A. Henry, T. C. Sangster, ..., E. M. Campbell
28 9.76 394 2000/10/01 Pairing symmetry in cuprate superconductors C. C. Tsuei, J. R. Kirtley
29 9.72 160 2000/11/20 Structure of Growing Networks with Preferential Linking S. N. Dorogovtsev, J. F. Mendes, A. N. Samukhin
30 9.66 495 2000/03/20 Peres-Horodecki Separability Criterion for Continuous Variable Systems R. Simon
31 9.35 157 2000/03/01 Path-ensemble averages in systems driven far from equilibrium G. E. Crooks
32 9.29 194 2000/02/14 Nonlinear Optics and Quantum Entanglement of Ultraslow Single Photons M. D. Lukin, A. Imamoğlu
33 9.04 188 2000/05/15 Spin relaxation in semiconductor quantum dots A. V. Khaetskii, Y. V. Nazarov
34 9.01 342 2000/04/03 Current-Driven Magnetization Reversal and Spin-Wave Excitations in Co /Cu /Co Pillars J. A. Katine, F. J. Albert, R. A. Buhrman, E. B. Myers, D. C. Ralph
35 8.93 241 2000/06/13 Electron-spin-resonance transistors for quantum computing in silicon-germanium heterostructures R. Vrijen, E. Yablonovitch, K. Wang, H. W. Jiang, A. Balandin, V. Roychowdhury, T. Mor, D. Divincenzo
36 8.80 303 2000/07/24 Coupled quintessence L. Amendola
37 8.75 173 2000/01/04 Hierarchies without symmetries from extra dimensions N. Arkani-Hamed, M. Schmaltz
38 8.13 258 2000/07/01 The discovery of the heaviest elements S. Hofmann, G. Münzenberg
39 7.90 161 2000/06/05 Finite-Temperature Properties of Pb(Zr1-xTix)O3 Alloys from First Principles L. Bellaiche, A. García, D. Vanderbilt
40 7.80 225 2000/07/26 Modeling the fifth dimension with scalars and gravity O. Dewolfe, D. Z. Freedman, S. S. Gubser, A. Karch
41 7.61 250 2000/08/28 Bose-Einstein Condensation in Trapped Dipolar Gases L. Santos, G. V. Shlyapnikov, P. Zoller, M. Lewenstein
42 7.39 150 2000/12/11 Double Resonant Raman Scattering in Graphite C. Thomsen, S. Reich
43 7.21 144 2000/07/10 Stable Solid-State Source of Single Photons C. Kurtsiefer, S. Mayer, P. Zarda, H. Weinfurter
44 7.13 213 2000/06/19 Bose-Einstein Condensation of Dilute Magnons in TlCuCl3 T. Nikuni, M. Oshikawa, A. Oosawa, H. Tanaka
45 7.06 118 2000/07/25 Weak lensing of the CMB: A harmonic approach W. Hu
46 7.03 117 2000/01/24 Measurements of Energetic Proton Transport through Magnetized Plasma from Intense Laser Interactions with Solids E. L. Clark, K. Krushelnick, J. R. Davies, M. Zep, M. Tatarakis, F. N. Beg, A. Machacek, P. A. Norreys, M. I. Santala, ..., A. E. Dangor
47 6.91 116 2000/11/06 Efficient Monte Carlo Algorithm and High-Precision Results for Percolation M. E. Newman, R. M. Zi
48 6.88 232 2000/02/14 GEp/GMp Ratio by Polarization Transfer in epep M. K. Jones, K. A. Aniol, F. T. Baker, J. Berthot, P. Y. Bertin, W. Bertozzi, A. Besson, L. Bimbot, W. U. Boeglin, ..., Jefferson Lab Hall A Collaboration
49 6.82 194 2000/07/10 Spin Hall Effect in the Presence of Spin Diffusion S. Zhang
50 6.80 32 2000/09/22 Superconducting TESLA cavities B. Aune, R. Bandelmann, D. Bloess, B. Bonin, A. Bosotti, M. Champion, C. Crawford, G. Deppe, B. Dwersteg, ..., K. Zapfe