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Top 50 papers by R(p) from year 2004

Rank R(p) Citations Date Paper Authors
1 28.22 1706 2004/04/23 Spintronics: Fundamentals and applications I. Žutić, J. Fabian, S. Das Sarma
2 21.10 677 2004/01/28 Observation of Resonance Condensation of Fermionic Atom Pairs C. A. Regal, M. Greiner, D. S. Jin
3 19.73 437 2004/05/05 Cosmological parameters from SDSS and WMAP M. Tegmark, M. A. Strauss, M. R. Blanton, K. Abazajian, S. Dodelson, H. Sandvik, X. Wang, D. H. Weinberg, I. Zehavi, ..., D. G. York
4 19.05 614 2004/03/25 Universal Intrinsic Spin Hall Effect J. Sinova, D. Culcer, Q. Niu, N. A. Sinitsyn, T. Jungwirth, A. H. Macdonald
5 17.06 568 2004/06/29 Cavity quantum electrodynamics for superconducting electrical circuits: An architecture for quantum computation A. Blais, R. S. Huang, A. Wallra, S. M. Girvin, R. J. Schoelkop
6 14.99 248 2004/09/17 Roles of Nonequilibrium Conduction Electrons on the Magnetization Dynamics of Ferromagnets S. Zhang, Z. Li
7 13.92 222 2004/02/26 Finding and evaluating community structure in networks M. E. Newman, M. Girvan
8 13.86 387 2004/08/23 Is cosmic speed-up due to new gravitational physics? S. M. Carroll, V. Duvvuri, M. Trodden, M. S. Turner
9 13.57 213 2004/10/13 Relativistic gravitation theory for the modified Newtonian dynamics paradigm J. D. Bekenstein
10 12.69 337 2004/07/27 Experimental Study of the BEC-BCS Crossover Region in Lithium 6 T. Bourdel, L. Khaykovich, J. Cubizolles, J. Zhang, F. Chevy, M. Teichmann, L. Tarruell, S. J. Kokkelmans, C. Salomon
11 12.48 220 2004/06/22 Ferroelectricity and Giant Magnetocapacitance in Perovskite Rare-Earth Manganites T. Goto, T. Kimura, G. Lawes, A. P. Ramirez, Y. Tokura
12 12.04 394 2004/07/19 Efficient Simulation of One-Dimensional Quantum Many-Body Systems G. Vidal
13 11.89 521 2004/03/25 Condensation of Pairs of Fermionic Atoms near a Feshbach Resonance M. W. Zwierlein, C. A. Stan, C. H. Schunck, S. M. Raupach, A. J. Kerman, W. Ketterle
14 11.27 292 2004/10/22 Chameleon Fields: Awaiting Surprises for Tests of Gravity in Space J. Khoury, A. Weltman
15 11.20 230 2004/11/23 Spin Current and Polarization in Impure Two-Dimensional Electron Systems with Spin-Orbit Coupling E. G. Mishchenko, A. V. Shytov, B. I. Halperin
16 11.18 336 2004/02/27 Chameleon cosmology J. Khoury, A. Weltman
17 10.43 258 2004/09/29 Finite-Time Disentanglement Via Spontaneous Emission T. Yu, J. H. Eberly
18 10.11 361 2004/08/10 Real-Time Evolution Using the Density Matrix Renormalization Group S. R. White, A. E. Feiguin
19 10.04 459 2004/03/31 Transition from a Strongly Interacting 1D Superfluid to a Mott Insulator T. Stöferle, H. Moritz, C. Schori, M. Köhl, T. Esslinger
20 9.90 352 2004/06/16 Van der Waals Density Functional for General Geometries M. Dion, H. Rydberg, E. Schröder, D. C. Langreth, B. I. Lundqvist
21 9.69 82 2004/10/06 Spin-Hall Insulator S. Murakami, N. Nagaosa, S. C. Zhang
22 9.46 158 2004/11/11 Berry Curvature on the Fermi Surface: Anomalous Hall Effect as a Topological Fermi-Liquid Property F. D. Haldane
23 9.38 243 2004/05/19 Collective Excitations of a Degenerate Gas at the BEC-BCS Crossover M. Bartenstein, A. Altmeyer, S. Riedl, S. Jochim, C. Chin, J. H. Denschlag, R. Grimm
24 8.65 178 2004/12/03 DBI in the sky: Non-Gaussianity from inflation with a speed limit M. Alishahiha, E. Silverstein, D. Tong
25 8.60 122 2004/09/20 Observation of Coherent Oscillation of a Single Nuclear Spin and Realization of a Two-Qubit Conditional Quantum Gate F. Jelezko, T. Gaebel, I. Popa, M. Domhan, A. Gruber, J. Wrachtrup
26 8.44 221 2004/11/10 Equation of State of a Fermi Gas in the BEC-BCS Crossover: A Quantum Monte Carlo Study G. E. Astrakharchik, J. Boronat, J. Casulleras, A. S. Giorgini
27 8.41 164 2004/02/19 Real-Space Observation of Current-Driven Domain Wall Motion in Submicron Magnetic Wires A. Yamaguchi, T. Ono, S. Nasu, K. Miyake, K. Mibu, T. Shinjo
28 8.36 160 2004/09/03 Evidence for an Oscillatory Signature in Atmospheric Neutrino Oscillations Y. Ashie, J. Hosaka, K. Ishihara, Y. Itow, J. Kameda, Y. Koshio, A. Minamino, C. Mitsuda, M. Miura, ..., Super-Kamiokande Collaboration
29 8.23 227 2004/01/13 Heavy Fermion Superconductivity and Magnetic Order in Noncentrosymmetric CePt3Si E. Bauer, G. Hilscher, H. Michor, C. Paul, E. W. Scheidt, A. Gribanov, Y. Seropegin, H. Noël, M. Sigrist, ..., P. Rogl
30 8.07 156 2004/11/23 Density Matrix Renormalization Group and Periodic Boundary Conditions: A Quantum Information Perspective F. Verstraete, D. Porras, J. I. Cirac
31 8.07 91 2004/12/06 Finding community structure in very large networks A. Clauset, M. E. Newman, C. Moore
32 8.05 67 2004/06/16 Simple swimmer at low Reynolds number: Three linked spheres A. Najafi, R. Golestanian
33 8.05 139 2004/06/22 SU(2) non-Abelian holonomy and dissipationless spin current in semiconductors S. Murakami, N. Nagosa, S. C. Zhang
34 7.96 191 2004/05/20 Effective Quantum Spin Systems with Trapped Ions D. Porras, J. I. Cirac
35 7.93 189 2004/02/26 Theory of Current-Driven Domain Wall Motion: Spin Transfer versus Momentum Transfer G. Tatara, H. Kohno
36 7.92 302 2004/03/23 Crossover from a Molecular Bose-Einstein Condensate to a Degenerate Fermi Gas M. Bartenstein, A. Altmeyer, S. Riedl, S. Jochim, C. Chin, J. H. Denschlag, R. Grimm
37 7.92 178 2004/01/15 Direct-Current Induced Dynamics in Co90Fe10/Ni80Fe20 Point Contacts W. H. Rippard, M. R. Pufall, S. Kaka, S. E. Russek, T. J. Silva
38 7.66 100 2004/12/22 Quantum Noise in the Josephson Charge Qubit O. Astafiev, Y. A. Pashkin, Y. Nakamura, T. Yamamoto, J. S. Tsai
39 7.63 101 2004/08/26 Universality of the Shear Viscosity from Supergravity Duals A. Buchel, J. T. Liu
40 7.58 50 2004/12/07 Competing Magnetic Phases on a Kagomé Staircase G. Lawes, M. Kenzelmann, N. Rogado, K. H. Kim, G. A. Jorge, R. J. Cava, A. Aharony, O. Entin-Wohlman, A. B. Harris, ..., A. P. Ramirez
41 7.55 117 2004/08/24 Self-Concentration and Large-Scale Coherence in Bacterial Dynamics C. Dombrowski, L. Cisneros, S. Chatkaew, R. E. Goldstein, J. O. Kessler
42 7.48 180 2004/10/28 Kohn Anomalies and Electron-Phonon Interactions in Graphite S. Piscanec, M. Lazzeri, F. Mauri, A. C. Ferrari, J. Robertson
43 7.47 202 2004/08/03 Local Blockade of Rydberg Excitation in an Ultracold Gas D. Tong, S. M. Farooqi, J. Stanojevic, S. Krishnan, Y. P. Zhang, R. Côté, E. E. Eyler, P. L. Gould
44 7.41 182 2004/11/24 Hyperfine interaction in a quantum dot: Non-Markovian electron spin dynamics W. A. Coish, D. Loss
45 7.39 183 2004/11/12 Matrix Product Density Operators: Simulation of Finite-Temperature and Dissipative Systems F. Verstraete, J. J. García-Ripoll, J. I. Cirac
46 7.29 245 2004/08/24 Weakly Bound Dimers of Fermionic Atoms D. S. Petrov, C. Salomon, G. V. Shlyapnikov
47 7.25 233 2004/02/20 Excitonic Effects and Optical Spectra of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes C. D. Spataru, S. Ismail-Beigi, L. X. Benedict, S. G. Louie
48 7.22 279 2004/07/06 Probing many-body states of ultracold atoms via noise correlations E. Altman, E. Demler, M. D. Lukin
49 7.15 147 2004/11/08 Scalar speed limits and cosmology: Acceleration from D-cceleration E. Silverstein, D. Tong
50 7.08 142 2004/08/12 Decoherence in Josephson Phase Qubits from Junction Resonators R. W. Simmonds, K. M. Lang, D. A. Hite, S. Nam, D. P. Pappas, J. M. Martinis