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Top 50 papers by R(p) from year 2005

Rank R(p) Citations Date Paper Authors
1 28.34 1378 2005/11/23 Quantum Spin Hall Effect in Graphene C. L. Kane, E. J. Mele
2 24.52 718 2005/07/12 Electromagnetically induced transparency: Optics in coherent media M. Fleischhauer, A. Imamoglu, J. P. Marangos
3 24.09 1199 2005/09/28 Z2 Topological Order and the Quantum Spin Hall Effect C. L. Kane, E. J. Mele
4 21.58 482 2005/03/22 Viscosity in Strongly Interacting Quantum Field Theories from Black Hole Physics P. K. Kovtun, D. T. Son, A. O. Starinets
5 20.63 794 2005/04/26 The density-matrix renormalization group U. Schollwöck
6 20.62 509 2005/07/28 Spin Current and Magnetoelectric Effect in Noncollinear Magnets H. Katsura, N. Nagaosa, A. V. Balatsky
7 19.95 282 2005/04/07 The Kuramoto model: A simple paradigm for synchronization phenomena J. A. Acebrón, L. L. Bonilla, C. J. Pérez Vicente, F. Ritort, R. Spigler
8 17.61 352 2005/02/03 Measurement of the J/ψ meson and b-hadron production cross sections in pp¯ collisions at s=1960 GeV D. Acosta, J. Adelman, T. Affolder, T. Akimoto, M. G. Albrow, D. Ambrose, S. Amerio, D. Amidei, A. Anastassov, ..., CDF Collaboration
9 17.24 220 2005/08/19 Magnetically Driven Ferroelectric Order in Ni3V2O8 G. Lawes, A. B. Harris, T. Kimura, N. Rogado, R. J. Cava, A. Aharony, O. Entin-Wohlman, T. Yildirim, M. Kenzelmann, ..., A. P. Ramirez
10 15.95 216 2005/12/20 QCD and a Holographic Model of Hadrons J. Erlich, E. Katz, D. T. Son, M. A. Stephanov
11 15.78 400 2005/02/04 Experimental Observation of the Spin-Hall Effect in a Two-Dimensional Spin-Orbit Coupled Semiconductor System J. Wunderlich, B. Kaestner, J. Sinova, T. Jungwirth
12 15.75 250 2005/08/19 Magnetic Inversion Symmetry Breaking and Ferroelectricity in TbMnO3 M. Kenzelmann, A. B. Harris, S. Jonas, C. Broholm, J. Schefer, S. B. Kim, C. L. Zhang, S. W. Cheong, O. P. Vajk, ..., J. W. Lynn
13 15.42 558 2005/06/29 Quantum information with continuous variables S. L. Braunstein, P. Van Loock
14 13.64 118 2005/07/26 Achieving transparency with plasmonic and metamaterial coatings A. Alù, N. Engheta
15 12.72 338 2005/09/14 Evolution of Binary Black-Hole Spacetimes F. Pretorius
16 12.01 273 2005/03/04 Fermionic Atoms in a Three Dimensional Optical Lattice: Observing Fermi Surfaces, Dynamics, and Interactions M. Köhl, H. Moritz, T. Stöferle, K. Günter, T. Esslinger
17 11.56 261 2005/01/12 String-net condensation: A physical mechanism for topological phases M. A. Levin, X. G. Wen
18 11.26 425 2005/06/27 Direct Observation of Tunneling and Nonlinear Self-Trapping in a Single Bosonic Josephson Junction M. Albiez, R. Gati, J. Fölling, S. Hunsmann, M. Cristiani, M. K. Oberthaler
19 11.19 321 2005/09/28 Unconventional Integer Quantum Hall Effect in Graphene V. P. Gusynin, S. G. Sharapov
20 10.81 59 2005/06/10 Propulsion of a Molecular Machine by Asymmetric Distribution of Reaction Products R. Golestanian, T. B. Liverpool, A. Ajdari
21 10.48 118 2005/11/02 Thermodynamic Efficiency at Maximum Power C. Van Den Broeck
22 10.45 230 2005/01/12 NMR techniques for quantum control and computation L. M. Vandersypen, I. L. Chuang
23 10.14 140 2005/02/22 Universal quantum computation with ideal Clifford gates and noisy ancillas S. Bravyi, A. Kitaev
24 9.54 194 2005/10/06 Microfluidics: Fluid physics at the nanoliter scale T. M. Squires, S. R. Quake
25 9.54 156 2005/03/30 Measurement of the tt¯ production cross section in pp¯ collisions at s=1.96 TeV using lepton + jets events with secondary vertex b -tagging D. Acosta, J. Adelman, T. Affolder, T. Akimoto, M. G. Albrow, D. Ambrose, S. Amerio, D. Amidei, A. Anastassov, ..., CDF Collaboration
26 9.52 399 2005/04/29 Bose-Einstein Condensation of Chromium A. Griesmaier, J. Werner, S. Hensler, J. Stuhler, T. Pfau
27 9.10 120 2005/05/10 Direct Proof of the Tree-Level Scattering Amplitude Recursion Relation in Yang-Mills Theory R. Britto, F. Cachazo, B. Feng, E. Witten
28 8.94 244 2005/04/27 Topologically Protected Qubits from a Possible Non-Abelian Fractional Quantum Hall State S. Das Sarma, M. Freedman, C. Nayak
29 8.93 268 2005/01/18 Linear response approach to the calculation of the effective interaction parameters in the LDA+U method M. Cococcioni, S. De Gironcoli
30 8.76 205 2005/03/01 Measurement of Neutrino Oscillation with KamLAND: Evidence of Spectral Distortion T. Araki, K. Eguchi, S. Enomoto, K. Furuno, K. Ichimura, H. Ikeda, K. Inoue, K. Ishihara, T. Iwamoto, ..., KamLAND Collaboration
31 8.76 72 2005/11/10 Transport and Collective Dynamics in Suspensions of Confined Swimming Particles J. P. Hernandez-Ortiz, C. G. Stoltz, M. D. Graham
32 8.72 250 2005/06/16 The shell model as a unified view of nuclear structure E. Caurier, G. Martínez-Pinedo, F. Nowacki, A. Poves, A. P. Zuker
33 8.49 197 2005/09/01 Dynamics of a Quantum Phase Transition W. H. Zurek, U. Dorner, P. Zoller
34 8.45 194 2005/05/23 Optical Production of Ultracold Polar Molecules J. M. Sage, S. Sainis, T. Bergeman, D. Demille
35 8.43 230 2005/07/20 Entropy Production along a Stochastic Trajectory and an Integral Fluctuation Theorem U. Seifert
36 8.40 96 2005/10/28 Local defects and ferromagnetism in graphene layers M. A. Vozmediano, M. P. López-Sancho, T. Stauber, F. Guinea
37 8.35 179 2005/06/27 No Signaling and Quantum Key Distribution J. Barrett, L. Hardy, A. Kent
38 8.21 202 2005/06/30 Measurement of atmospheric neutrino oscillation parameters by Super-Kamiokande I Y. Ashie, J. Hosaka, K. Ishihara, Y. Itow, J. Kameda, Y. Koshio, A. Minamino, C. Mitsuda, M. Miura, ..., Super-Kamiokande Collaboration
39 7.93 122 2005/08/26 Scale-Free Networks Provide a Unifying Framework for the Emergence of Cooperation F. C. Santos, J. M. Pacheco
40 7.77 108 2005/05/23 Hadronic Spectrum of a Holographic Dual of QCD G. F. De Téramond, S. J. Brodsky
41 7.74 36 2005/06/02 Measurement of the Electric Fluctuation Spectrum of Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence S. D. Bale, P. J. Kellogg, F. S. Mozer, T. S. Horbury, H. Reme
42 7.60 155 2005/10/17 Physics of thin-film ferroelectric oxides M. Dawber, K. M. Rabe, J. F. Scott
43 7.50 136 2005/06/29 Magnetoelectric phase diagrams of orthorhombic RMnO3 (R=Gd, Tb, and Dy) T. Kimura, G. Lawes, T. Goto, Y. Tokura, A. P. Ramirez
44 7.41 61 2005/06/02 Predator-Prey Cycles from Resonant Amplification of Demographic Stochasticity A. J. Mckane, T. J. Newman
45 7.37 85 2005/06/10 Temporal Behavior of Radiation-Pressure-Induced Vibrations of an Optical Microcavity Phonon Mode T. Carmon, H. Rokhsari, L. Yang, T. J. Kippenberg, K. J. Vahala
46 7.30 130 2005/05/24 Structural properties of nanoclusters: Energetic, thermodynamic, and kinetic effects F. Baletto, R. Ferrando
47 7.18 174 2005/06/16 Decoy State Quantum Key Distribution H. K. Lo, X. Ma, K. Chen
48 7.12 75 2005/11/03 A Universal Criterion for Plastic Yielding of Metallic Glasses with a (T/Tg)2/3 Temperature Dependence W. L. Johnson, K. Samwer
49 7.05 155 2005/10/26 Fault-Tolerant Quantum Dynamical Decoupling K. Khodjasteh, D. A. Lidar
50 7.01 83 2005/05/03 Electric Field Modulation of Galvanomagnetic Properties of Mesoscopic Graphite Y. Zhang, J. P. Small, M. E. Amori, P. Kim